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  • Tartar Tantrum game

    Tartar Tantrum

    Help Patrick get rid of those pesky snails! Sprinkle tartar sauce and watch them hide in their shells!

  • Go Go Ogo! game

    Go Go Ogo!

    Oh no, it's Ogo! He desperately wants to read to you from his journal. Better get away fast!

  • Throw Back! game

    Throw Back!

    The turtles are kickin' it old school. Use your turtle power to deFEET the foot!

  • Camp Fred game

    Camp Fred

    Help Fred and Camp Iwannapeepee win the annual summer games against Camp Superior and Fred's arch nemesis Kevin!

  • Guinness O'Ripley's Extreme Arcade of World Records game

    Guinness O'Ripley's Extreme Arcade of World Records

    There's a new Arcade in Bikini Bottom and YOU can win the World Record for each game!

  • Ice Age: Continental Drift (AD) game

    Ice Age: Continental Drift (AD)

    Navigate your ship to avoid the pirate cannonballs.(AD)

  • TMNT: Dark Horizons game

    TMNT: Dark Horizons

    Catch a shadowy glimpse of the Turtles as they light up the night in a brand new game.

  • Do You Believix? game

    Do You Believix?

    Hang with the Winx, go on quests and find the real fairy in you!

  • The Last Stand game

    The Last Stand

    It's the final face-off between Korra and Amon! Will Amon and the Equalists or Korra and the Benders be victorious?

  • Race Across Europe (AD) game

    Race Across Europe (AD)

    Are you ready to race across Europe with your favorite Madagascar 3 characters? (AD)

  • Sandy's Shrubbery Shakedown 2 game

    Sandy's Shrubbery Shakedown 2

    Get your rocks ready! It's raining acorns in this highly anticipated sequel.

  • Banana Blaster (AD) game

    Banana Blaster (AD)

    Stop Dubois and her henchmen before it's too late! (AD)

  • Amazing Spider Man (AD) game

    Amazing Spider Man (AD)

    Amazing Spider Man (AD)

  • Beck's Wave Rider game

    Beck's Wave Rider

    Play as Beck and ride those waves! Watch out and don't wipe out!

  • Tori's Platinum Audition game

    Tori's Platinum Audition

    Audition and see if you could help Tori perform at the Platinum Music Awards!

  • Castle Challenge: The Escape game

    Castle Challenge: The Escape

    Now that thou has reachest the castle, thou must now escapeth it. Castle Challenge - The Escape, awaits!

  • Castle Challenge: The Storm game

    Castle Challenge: The Storm

    Are thou prepared for the ultimate challenge, young squire? Try and storm the castle!

  • Winx Club: Let Your Wings Shine game

    Winx Club: Let Your Wings Shine

    Play this all new Winx game now and let your wings shine!

  • Dress Me Up game

    Dress Me Up

    New outfits from Season 4 added!

  • MIB 3 Agent Challenge (AD) game

    MIB 3 Agent Challenge (AD)

    (AD) Test your skills through 3 mini games to become a prospective MIB agent! In Theaters 5.25.2012 Rated PG-13

  • Kaijudo: Battle Game (AD) game

    Kaijudo: Battle Game (AD)

    Prove that your Kaijudo skills are strong enough. Good Luck! (AD)