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  • Winx Club: Dress Me Up! game

    Winx Club: Dress Me Up!

    NEW outfits added for more Winx Dress Up fun!

  • Spring Into Action game

    Spring Into Action

    It's perfect jellyfishin' weather and Patrick wants some jellies!

  • Spring Showers game

    Spring Showers

    This new SpongeBob game is "buckets" of fun! Play now.

  • Spring It On game

    Spring It On

    Alien fish are invading Bikini Bottom and eating all the plants. Only they didn't realize it was Earth Day, and the plants are fighting back!

  • Spring Cleaning game

    Spring Cleaning

    SpongeBob's the only one who can make cleaning fun! Play Spring Cleaning now.

  • Welcome to Republic City game

    Welcome to Republic City

    The Pro-bending Arena is now unlocked. Go and catch a Pro-bending match!

  • (AD) Pirate Name Generator game

    (AD) Pirate Name Generator

    (AD) Pull the lever to get your very own pirate name!

  • Spring Training game

    Spring Training

    Spring is here so help SpongeBob get in some Spring Training.

  • The Gorilla Club Game game

    The Gorilla Club Game

    You'll go bananas for this new Victorious game.

  • Sikowitz's Coconut Catcher game

    Sikowitz's Coconut Catcher

    Help Sikowitz catch coconuts!

  • Pile the Prize game

    Pile the Prize

    Help SpongeBob organize his huge collection of trophies!

  • Alvin & the Chipmunks: Munk to the Beat (AD) game

    Alvin & the Chipmunks: Munk to the Beat (AD)

    Match the corresponding arrow key to the falling notes.(AD)

  • Second Hand Swag game

    Second Hand Swag

    Help Patrick catch awards that SpongeBob is throwing out!

  • Colossal Chaos game

    Colossal Chaos

    Help SpongeBob avoid Plankton's bots!

  • Super SpongeBomber Multiplayer game

    Super SpongeBomber Multiplayer

    Arrr! Hit the high seas for Super SpongeBomber Multiplayer!

  • Portals of Power Multiplayer game

    Portals of Power Multiplayer

    Stop those Moogers from entering the city from their portals in this new multiplayer Power Rangers Game! Go Go Samurai!

  • iCrush it With Spencer! game

    iCrush it With Spencer!

    This iCarly game is a SMASH hit.

  • Mirror Mirror Challenge (AD) game

    Mirror Mirror Challenge (AD)

    What's wrong in the enchanted forest? (AD)

  • Show Time Squirrel game

    Show Time Squirrel

    Help Sandy race to the show while avoiding the paparazzi!

  • Slime Task Force game

    Slime Task Force

    Get your slime on in the secret slime lab.

  • The Hunt for Grandpappy Redbeard's Treasure (AD) game

    The Hunt for Grandpappy Redbeard's Treasure (AD)

    Help SpongeBob find the hidden treasure!