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  • SpongeBob Squared Multiplayer game

    SpongeBob Squared Multiplayer

    A BRAND NEW MULTIPLAYER game is here! Can SpongeBob or Patrick make more squares?

  • Dress Me Up Too game

    Dress Me Up Too

    Imagine, create and design your very own winx!

  • Pinball Slimecade game

    Pinball Slimecade

    Check out the all-new KCA 2013 Pinball Slimecade game and see if you can reach a highscore!

  • KCA 2013: Multiplayer Trivia game

    KCA 2013: Multiplayer Trivia

    Think you know KCAs? Think you know celebs? Go head to head and find out!

  • Never Surrender game

    Never Surrender

    Power Rangers Megaforce is here to answer the threat of the Warstar aliens!

  • Lovey Dovey, Kissy Smoochy game

    Lovey Dovey, Kissy Smoochy

    Help Dudley stop Birdbrain from getting all lovey dovey, kissy smoochy with Becky!

  • Perfect Fit game

    Perfect Fit

    Mix and match odd shapes to find the perfect fit and unlock fun Wendell and Vinnie moments.

  • Area 51 (AD) game

    Area 51 (AD)

    Save the world in this action filled game. Escape From Planet Earth in theaters 2/15. (AD) Rated PG

  • Republic City Run game

    Republic City Run

    Use Korra's Avatar skills to zip past those equalizers!

  • SONY: Hotel Transylvania (AD) game

    SONY: Hotel Transylvania (AD)

    (AD) Where monsters go to get away from it all! You can own it on Blu-ray TM Combo Pack + DVD January 29th. Rated PG.

  • LEGO Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Ninja Training (AD) game

    LEGO Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Ninja Training (AD)

    (AD) Press the arrow keys and space bar to begin ninja training!

  • Foot Clan Clash game

    Foot Clan Clash

    It's Turtle Time! Show the Foot Clan who's boss and defeat Spider Bytez for an epic win.

  • Return to Monster Island game

    Return to Monster Island

    Take a tour, ride a creature, battle a monster in your quest to save SpongeBob's buddies!

  • Sinjin's Sock Hop game

    Sinjin's Sock Hop

    Sinjin's sock puppets ran away to New York City to start glamorous careers on Broadway. Sinjin's on a mission to take them back home to Los Angeles. Help him get them all!

  • Uncovered Secrets game

    Uncovered Secrets

    Eddie's visions are trying to warn him about a great evil! Can you uncover the secret?

  • The Kah-rah-tay Squid game

    The Kah-rah-tay Squid

    Hiiiya! Help Squidward master the art of Kah-rah-tay! Play now!

  • Pizza Time game

    Pizza Time

    It's Pizza Time! Michelangelo is slicing up his favorite food in this new Turtles game! Can you reach the pizza goal?

  • Harmonix Heroines game

    Harmonix Heroines

    Help the Winx protect Alfea with the power of Harmonix and some mighty melodies!

  • Mouser Mayhem game

    Mouser Mayhem

    Baxter Stockman has unleashed a swarm of Mousers...can you stop them??

  • Skate with Cat game

    Skate with Cat

    Help Cat skate around to collect objects like candy canes and stars while avoiding elves and penguins!

  • Jingle Out of My Way! game

    Jingle Out of My Way!

    The gingerbread men are on the attack and want to take down Timmy!