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  • AG: Double Bros game

    AG: Double Bros

    The Double Bros are on an adventure! Guide them on parallel paths if your reflexes are broficient enough!

  • Ice Age: Continental Drift (AD) game

    Ice Age: Continental Drift (AD)

    Navigate your ship to avoid the pirate cannonballs.(AD)

  • TMNT: Dark Horizons game

    TMNT: Dark Horizons

    Catch a shadowy glimpse of the Turtles as they light up the night in a brand new game.

  • Do You Believix? game

    Do You Believix?

    Hang with the Winx, go on quests and find the real fairy in you!

  • The Last Stand game

    The Last Stand

    It's the final face-off between Korra and Amon! Will Amon and the Equalists or Korra and the Benders be victorious?

  • Race Across Europe (AD) game

    Race Across Europe (AD)

    Are you ready to race across Europe with your favorite Madagascar 3 characters? (AD)

  • Sandy's Shrubbery Shakedown 2 game

    Sandy's Shrubbery Shakedown 2

    Get your rocks ready! It's raining acorns in this highly anticipated sequel.

  • Banana Blaster (AD) game

    Banana Blaster (AD)

    Stop Dubois and her henchmen before it's too late! (AD)

  • Amazing Spider Man (AD) game

    Amazing Spider Man (AD)

    Amazing Spider Man (AD)

  • Beck's Wave Rider game

    Beck's Wave Rider

    Play as Beck and ride those waves! Watch out and don't wipe out!

  • Tori's Platinum Audition game

    Tori's Platinum Audition

    Audition and see if you could help Tori perform at the Platinum Music Awards!

  • Castle Challenge: The Escape game

    Castle Challenge: The Escape

    Now that thou has reachest the castle, thou must now escapeth it. Castle Challenge - The Escape, awaits!

  • Castle Challenge: The Storm game

    Castle Challenge: The Storm

    Are thou prepared for the ultimate challenge, young squire? Try and storm the castle!

  • Winx Club: Let Your Wings Shine game

    Winx Club: Let Your Wings Shine

    Play this all new Winx game now and let your wings shine!

  • Dress Me Up game

    Dress Me Up

    New outfits from Season 4 added!

  • MIB 3 Agent Challenge (AD) game

    MIB 3 Agent Challenge (AD)

    (AD) Test your skills through 3 mini games to become a prospective MIB agent! In Theaters 5.25.2012 Rated PG-13

  • Kaijudo: Battle Game (AD) game

    Kaijudo: Battle Game (AD)

    Prove that your Kaijudo skills are strong enough. Good Luck! (AD)

  • Winx Club: Dress Me Up! game

    Winx Club: Dress Me Up!

    NEW outfits added for more Winx Dress Up fun!

  • Spring Into Action game

    Spring Into Action

    It's perfect jellyfishin' weather and Patrick wants some jellies!

  • Spring Showers game

    Spring Showers

    This new SpongeBob game is "buckets" of fun! Play now.

  • Spring It On game

    Spring It On

    Alien fish are invading Bikini Bottom and eating all the plants. Only they didn't realize it was Earth Day, and the plants are fighting back!