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  • Rugrats Triviatorium

    Rugrats Triviatorium

    Show of your Tommy trivia skills for Club points.

  • Undersea A'venture

    Undersea A'venture

    Help the babies navigate the deep seas in the bathosphere!

  • Bottle Blaster

    Bottle Blaster

    Help Dil hang on to his diapee and blast the other babies!

  • Sumo Motion

    Sumo Motion

    Watch our Sumo wrestlers shake their things!

  • Rugrats: Slider

    Rugrats: Slider

    Put those messy babies back in order!

  • Reptar Wagon

    Reptar Wagon

    Help Chuckie pilot the Reptar Wagon and find the missing Rugrats!

  • Ooey Gooey World

    Ooey Gooey World

    Help the babies make it to the other side of the park's stickiest ride!

  • Rugrats: Match Master

    Rugrats: Match Master

    Forget finding cookies and flip the cards!

  • Hiccupping Dil

    Hiccupping Dil

    Warm milk + A bouncing baby = The hiccups!

  • Rugrats: Coloring Book

    Rugrats: Coloring Book

    Color the babies like a real Parisian painter!

  • Chuckie Chan

    Chuckie Chan

    Play this and you'll be kickin' it with Chuckie in no time!

Nick Wheels & Automobiles

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Defend Your Kingdom!

Test your skills in this EPIC tower defense game featuring your favorite Nick stars.