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Sanjay and Craig: Butterslide

Sanjay and Craig


Prank Raska and use the power of the ultimate wedgie to launch him into Tufflips Acres' trailer park. Get as many YouLOOK views as possible and become an internet sensation!

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Game Art

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Game Description

Are you ready for a ride on the butterslide? In Sanjay & Craig: Butterslide, Sanjay & Craig are setting out to become the next big YouLook sensations and they need your help! Show Raska the wrath of the butterslide in the prank of a lifetime: launch Raska into the atmosphere and watch him crash into the trailer park! Aim Raska's fall back to the ground and make sure he hits the trailer for an awesome boost in viewers! Check out Sanjay & Craig: Butterslide and other free online games at

How to Play:

Click and move the mouse to aim Raska. Click the mouse to steer Raska's direction.