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Sanjay and Craig: The Lost Frycade

Sanjay and Craig

The Lost Frycade

Help Sanjay and Craig punch their way through hordes of skeletons and demon bats as they try and escape the lost frycade game!

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Game Art

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Game Description

Did you know that The Frycade was missing a game?! Luckily, we found this free online game for you, featuring Sanjay and Craig. In this action packed game, you need to punch and duck you way through scores of scary skeletons and other monsters. Sanjay and Craig even have a rad awesome super attack to use once you have a full power bar. Play Sanjay and Craig: The Lost Frycade Game and other free online action games on

How To Play:

Use the Up and Down arrows to duck and punch. Press the spacebar to use the super attack.