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  • Ghostly Grammar

    Ghostly Grammar

    Take our WORD for it, this game is scary fun!

  • Krusty Cashier

    Krusty Cashier

    SpongeBob makes sort change of the competition.

  • Equation Invasion

    Equation Invasion

    It's an all-out Equation Invasion! Play now!

  • Kitchen Encounter

    Kitchen Encounter

    You can COUNT on this game for fun!

  • Stage Rush

    Stage Rush

    Help the BTR boys sneak into their own Times Square concert!

  • Can You Manage?

    Can You Manage?

    Keep the rockin' bros in line in this game! Play now!

  • Class Pass

    Class Pass

    Pass notes with Zoey and her crew...but don't get caught!

  • Stolen Secrets

    Stolen Secrets

    Help the TEENnick stars recover their deepest secrets from a snoopy fan!

  • Fashion Fury

    Fashion Fury

    Whip up a killer outfit in seconds flat in this game.

  • True Top Model

    True Top Model

    Dress Your Models for the Paris runways before time runs out!

  • iPinball


    Your crew will have a ball playing the classic game with an iCarly twist.

  • Stuff Shuffle

    Stuff Shuffle

    Help Carly and Sam catch falling props!

  • iSushi Madness

    iSushi Madness

    Get schooled in sushi! Play now!

  • iKissed Him First

    iKissed Him First

    It's Carly versus Sam in a battle for a BOY! Play now!

  • Pak Rat

    Pak Rat

    Chomp some cheese in this classic iCarly game!

  • iKick Butt

    iKick Butt

    Get Carly ready for her fight with Shelby!

  • Path of a Hero (AD)

    Path of a Hero (AD)

    Help Aang continue on his path, part 2 UNLOCKED!(AD)

  • iParty with Victorious

    iParty with Victorious

    Can you serve a crowd of partygoers fast enough to free a captive panda?

  • The Big Green Help Global Challenge

    The Big Green Help Global Challenge

    Team up to battle CO2 monsters as your favorite Nicktoon & pledge to go green!

  • First Day Freak Out

    First Day Freak Out

    Tori's art school classmates need help!

  • Hollywood Beats

    Hollywood Beats

    Now featuring You're the Reason! Stay on beat and you'll be VICTORIOUS!

Jack & Patrick Smerge

Patrick and Jack Griffo: both stars, both studs, combine to make one handsome creature!


The battle is BACK and this time it's in Bikini Bottom!