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  • Save Freddie!

    Save Freddie!

    Freddie saved Carly, now it's YOUR turn to save him!

  • The Rise of Blowhole

    The Rise of Blowhole

    Infiltrate Blowhole's arctic ice fortress to thwart his evil plan!

  • Snowman Command

    Snowman Command

    Keep the snowman invasion at bay!

  • Fairy Freeze

    Fairy Freeze

    Blast these fairies back to summer time.

  • Frosty Freeze Ball Fight

    Frosty Freeze Ball Fight

    Frosty Freezy Freeze Ball Fight!

  • Oh Snow You Didn't!

    Oh Snow You Didn't!

    Oh Snow You Didn't! You should Play NOW.

  • All Cooped Up

    All Cooped Up

    The Thanksgiving turkeys flew the coop! Help Otis round em' up.

  • Return of the Behemoth

    Return of the Behemoth

    Join The Troop and stop the Behemoth!

  • iCrush it With Spencer!

    iCrush it With Spencer!

    This iCarly game is a SMASH hit.

  • Candy Cannoneers

    Candy Cannoneers

    These Penguins make collecting Halloween candy a BLAST.

  • Brain Training 2

    Brain Training 2

    Stimulate your brain with another round of training! Play Now.

  • True Top Model

    True Top Model

    Dress Your Models for the Paris runways before time runs out!

  • Brain Training

    Brain Training

    Brain Training begins...NOW.

  • Deep Sea Surgeon

    Deep Sea Surgeon

    Show off your surgeon skills in this undersea operation.

  • Leaving Loki's Lockup

    Leaving Loki's Lockup

    Meet Hans Hans, the Biking Viking in this puzzle adventure game.

  • Operation Ice Fish

    Operation Ice Fish

    Help the Penguins complete their latest mission: Operation Ice Fish.

  • iBreak Thru

    iBreak Thru

    Help Carly and crew break through the blocks.

  • Stunt Crazy

    Stunt Crazy

    When you need a mad motorist, bring in a stuntman! Perform outrageous tricks to grab moneys and make the shot. Use your rockets and exploding car to complete the scene! No movie is complete without a fantastic exploding car chase, right? Modify your vehicle with upgrades for an award-worthy performance.

  • Nick Pals (AD)

    Nick Pals (AD)

    Take care of Nickelodeon's most famous pets! (AD)

  • Camping Chaos

    Camping Chaos

    Sea Bear attack! Save Sponge & now!

  • iKick Butt

    iKick Butt

    Get Carly ready for her fight with Shelby!

If SpongeBob ruled the world...

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