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  • Cleft the Boy Chin Wonder Vs. The Thingamajigs

    Cleft the Boy Chin Wonder Vs. The Thingamajigs

    Help Cleft stop an onslaught of...well...THINGAMAJIGS!

  • Invasion Patty Snatchers

    Invasion Patty Snatchers

    Grab your spatula, ketchup, and spork and protect the SECRET recipe!

  • Polar Bear Bounce

    Polar Bear Bounce

    Score big points AND save the environment!

  • Rise of the Phoenix King

    Rise of the Phoenix King

    Square off in the ultimate battle for bending supremacy!

  • Stuff Shuffle

    Stuff Shuffle

    Help Carly and Sam catch falling props!

  • The Krab-o-Matic 3000

    The Krab-o-Matic 3000

    Keep Plankton away from the precious Patties!

  • Boiling Rock Rescue

    Boiling Rock Rescue

    It's the ultimate jailbreak! Help save prisoners of the evil Fire Nation!

  • Tastes Just Like Chicken

    Tastes Just Like Chicken

    Save Peck from Freddie's insatiable appetite!

  • Mini Game Mania

    Mini Game Mania

    There's a cornucopia of great games in this Nicktoons collection! Play all 20!

  • Black Sun Siege

    Black Sun Siege

    Clash against the Fire Nation in this strategic battle game!

  • Boo or BOOM

    Boo or BOOM

    Help destroy Plankton's plan to ruin Halloween!

  • Fortress Fight 2

    Fortress Fight 2

    Smash your opponent's fortress before yours is reduced to rubble!

  • Burger Bustle

    Burger Bustle

    Help Addie keep the customers happy...and win back Jake!

  • Elemental Escape

    Elemental Escape

    Help Aang and the gang escape from a Fire Nation prison!

  • Pig Out (AD)

    Pig Out (AD)

    (AD) Help Wilbur bounce out of the barn.

  • The Best Day Ever

    The Best Day Ever

    Help SpongeBob stage the greatest show on the sea floor!

  • Trials of Serpent's Pass

    Trials of Serpent's Pass

    Guide a band of hearty travelers through the perilous Serpent's Pass!

  • Barge Barrage

    Barge Barrage

    Help Prince Zuko conquer the other nations in this nautical adventure!

  • Zero G-Kitties

    Zero G-Kitties

    This spaced-out adventure will turn your world upside down!

  • Cocina Crunch (AD)

    Cocina Crunch (AD)

    (AD) Be quick on the click and help Nacho feed the orphans!

  • Alien Invasion!

    Alien Invasion!

    Help Jimmy defend the planet from invading alien hordes!

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