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The Fairly OddParents: Scary GodParents

The Fairly OddParents

Scary GodParents

Help Timmy free his friends and avoid Foop, Vicky’s rabid pet badger, and the Tuba-Cabra!

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Game Art

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Game Description

Oh no! Timmy’s friends are all locked lockers! Help Timmy Turner free Wanda, Chester, Tootie, AJ, and Sanjay from inside of objects! But beware, Vicky and her rabid badger, along with Foop, and the Tubra-Cabra are going to do everything possible to try and stop you! To stay safe, chow on some cake ‘n’ bacon to power up! Play Fairly OddParents Scary GodParents and other free online games on

How to Play:

Tap or click where you want Timmy to move and click on objects to release Timmy’s friends.