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  • Victorious: Cat’s Heartbreaker Game

    Victorious: Cat’s Heartbreaker Game

    Cupid Cat is out to see how many hearts she can break! We're just thankful this is a game and not real life!

  • Sinjin's Sock Hop

    Sinjin's Sock Hop

    Sinjin's sock puppets ran away to New York City to start glamorous careers on Broadway. Sinjin's on a mission to take them back home to Los Angeles. Help him get them all!

  • Jade's Zombie Smasher

    Jade's Zombie Smasher

    It's time for Jade's favorite holiday - Halloween! Celebrate by playing her wicked new game.

  • Mood Match

    Mood Match

    Match moody faces and clear as many emoticons as you can!

  • Tori's Platinum Audition

    Tori's Platinum Audition

    Audition and see if you could help Tori perform at the Platinum Music Awards!

  • Beck's Wave Rider

    Beck's Wave Rider

    Play as Beck and ride those waves! Watch out and don't wipe out!

  • The Gorilla Club Game

    The Gorilla Club Game

    Have you been to the Gorilla Club? It sure is hoppin'!

  • Sikowitz's Coconut Catcher

    Sikowitz's Coconut Catcher

    Help Sikowitz catch coconuts!

  • Andre's Date Defense

    Andre's Date Defense

    Andre has an arsenal to defend his date from the nosey paparazzi.

  • Cat's Alien Winter Wipeout

    Cat's Alien Winter Wipeout

    Cat's dreaming about aliens again but this time they're totally chill! Try Cat's WINTERIZED Alien Wipeout Game now!

  • Cupcake Getaway

    Cupcake Getaway

    Help the Hollywood Arts gang get to their parade and avoid trouble in a bad neighborhood!

  • Rex's Dunk for a Buck

    Rex's Dunk for a Buck

    Help Rex dunk the Hollywood Arts gang into the tank to raise money for charity!

  • Sikowitz's Graffiti Cleanup

    Sikowitz's Graffiti Cleanup

    Help Sikowitz stop the Hollywood Arts graffiti bandit! As you know, Sikowitz needs A LOT of help!

  • Water Balloon Dodgeball

    Water Balloon Dodgeball

    Go Team Red! Hit Team Blue with as many water balloons before they can get you!

  • Jade's Prom Wrecker

    Jade's Prom Wrecker

    Jade's trying to destroy the prom! Avoid her Prom Wreckers! If they hit you, your night is over!

  • Locked Up

    Locked Up

    Tori's escaped from prison! Help her run from those crazy soldiers back to safety!

  • Cat's Alien Wipeout

    Cat's Alien Wipeout

    Plump little piggies clash with stacks of evil green aliens in the most addictive game ever.

  • Dance Floor

    Dance Floor

    The Dance Floor is now open! Come get your groove on with the brand new dance game.

  • Hollywood Arts Quote Time! Who Said What?

    Hollywood Arts Quote Time! Who Said What?

    Hope you were paying attention! Time to guess Who Said What.

  • Tori's Mustache Bash

    Tori's Mustache Bash

    Tori teeters atop a sloping, slippery mustache and tries to keep her balance.

  • Block Party

    Block Party

    Have you joined the Block Party? Explore the worlds of SpongeBob, Skipper, Sheen, Fanboy, Dudley Puppy, iCarly, and Victorious and party on!

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