All victorious games
  • Ditch the Fish

    Ditch the Fish

    Take out as many fish as you can with your bubble-busting underwater slingshot!

  • Kwakoo's Sushi Tower

    Kwakoo's Sushi Tower

    How high can you stack the sushi tower? Try now in this new Victorious game!

  • Sinjin's Locker Food Match

    Sinjin's Locker Food Match

    Sinjin's locker is so popular that someone actually made a game about it!

  • iParty with Victorious

    iParty with Victorious

    Can you serve a crowd of partygoers fast enough to free a captive panda?

  • Skate with Cat

    Skate with Cat

    Help Cat skate around to collect objects like candy canes and stars while avoiding elves and penguins!

  • Freak the Freak Out

    Freak the Freak Out

    Freak The Freak Out goes karaoke! Listen close to the latest Victorious lyrics and see if you can fill in the blanks!

  • Beck and Jade's RV Racer

    Beck and Jade's RV Racer

    Beat your buddies to the beach as Beck & Jade, barreling down the road in an RV!

  • Cookie Wrap

    Cookie Wrap

    Stack Cat's holiday cookies as fast as you can! Chocolate chips, fudge and frosting! Stack Cat's complicated cookie orders before time runs out.

  • Wanko's Warehouse Stacker

    Wanko's Warehouse Stacker

    Robbie got busted sneaking into Wanko's, so now he's gotta work there for free! Help him out by stacking a bunch 'o boxes and rack up some points!

  • Diddly Bops' Food Drop

    Diddly Bops' Food Drop

    Haven't gotten enough of the Diddly Bops yet? Play this Foodtastic game!

  • The Great Ping Pong Game

    The Great Ping Pong Game

    See if you got what it takes to beat Rex in this Great Ping Pong Game!

  • Victorious TriviaTORIum

    Victorious TriviaTORIum

    Test your Hollywood Arts smarts right here!

  • Tori's Raceway

    Tori's Raceway

    Race as Tori or another Nick Star!

  • Grub Truck Challenge

    Grub Truck Challenge

    Help Festus feed the bestest of the Hollywood Arts crew!

  • Beck Escapes From Hollywood Hotties

    Beck Escapes From Hollywood Hotties

    Crossing streets ain't easy when you're Beck.

  • Who Are You at Hollywood Arts?

    Who Are You at Hollywood Arts?

    Find out who you're most like from Hollywood Arts!

  • First Day Freak Out

    First Day Freak Out

    Tori's art school classmates need help!

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