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  • Rocket Pets

    Rocket Pets

    These flying furballs are on a quest for coins. Unlock power-ups and rocket your way across the universe!

  • Splitman 2

    Splitman 2

    Get cloned, n00b!

  • Sonic Bubbles

    Sonic Bubbles

    Relax while bouncing bubbles to create tranquil music

  • Maze 4

    Maze 4

    Can You Drag Yourself Across the Finish Line?

  • Leaf Me Alone

    Leaf Me Alone

    See how fast you can find all of the seeds in this leafy adventure game.

  • Double Bros

    Double Bros

    Control two characters at once. This games all about hand eye coordination!

  • Raft Wars 2

    Raft Wars 2

    Dive in the deep end!

  • Uirdz


    N0t pl4y1ng Uirdz 1s n0t l0g1cal.

  • Rad-Awesome Butt Doctors

    Rad-Awesome Butt Doctors

    Sanjay and Craig want to check out the butt transplant, it's time to become party doctors!

  • Make Over Magic

    Make Over Magic

    Run your very own magical salon, earn fame points and customize it all your own.

  • Dr. Cockroach's Microbe Wrangler

    Dr. Cockroach's Microbe Wrangler

    The microbe's are multiplying, help Dr. Cockroach get those pesky germs! Play now.

  • Addicting Games: Refrigerator Adventure

    Addicting Games: Refrigerator Adventure

    Just a fridge, chillin with his homies til somebody bought him. Escape the apartment and go back to your friends!

  • Addicting Games: Scribbles

    Addicting Games: Scribbles

    Scribble Heads gotta go home, yeah? Draw a path to guide said heads to their comfy jar.

  • Ginormica's Size Rider

    Ginormica's Size Rider

    Help Ginormica's shrink and grow to avoid obstacles and collect quantonium. Play now.

  • The Mysterious Map

    The Mysterious Map

    Help the Anubis team get to the bracelet before Victor's minions catch you!

  • BOB's Blobbed To The Brim

    BOB's Blobbed To The Brim

    Help BOB test out beakers with his blobs, just dont touch those germs! Play now.

  • Addicting Games: Papa's Hot Doggeria

    Addicting Games: Papa's Hot Doggeria

    Papa has an empire, and he is moving into the ballpark! Open your hot dog franchise and play now!

  • Addicting Games: Cruisin

    Addicting Games: Cruisin

    Thrash those wheels, peeps! Make your car even more the ultimate driving machineries! FTW!

  • Mutation Station

    Mutation Station

    Create your very own mutants and put them to the ultimate test, play now.

  • BOB's Mega Meal Memory

    BOB's Mega Meal Memory

    BOB's dreaming up a mega meal, remember what he wants and make his dreams a reality.

  • Super, Easy, Fun Time Adventure Pants

    Super, Easy, Fun Time Adventure Pants

    This game is sooo easy! Bet you can't beat it.

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