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  • Monster Creator

    Monster Creator

    Report your monster sightings immediately!

  • Skate with Cat

    Skate with Cat

    Help Cat skate around to collect objects like candy canes and stars while avoiding elves and penguins!

  • Election Expert

    Election Expert

    Election Expert

  • Cookie Wrap

    Cookie Wrap

    Stack Cat's holiday cookies as fast as you can! Chocolate chips, fudge and frosting! Stack Cat's complicated cookie orders before time runs out.

  • Capri Sun Peggy's Peelout (AD)

    Capri Sun Peggy's Peelout (AD)

    Peggy's place is the perfect spot for rad R/C car races. Got what it takes? Put a track together & peel out! How fast can you go? (AD)

  • Wanko's Warehouse Stacker

    Wanko's Warehouse Stacker

    Robbie got busted sneaking into Wanko's, so now he's gotta work there for free! Help him out by stacking a bunch 'o boxes and rack up some points!

  • Maverie the Mad Scientist

    Maverie the Mad Scientist

    Maverie the Mad Scientist

  • Daily Dare

    Daily Dare

    New daily game challenges and prizes!

  • Monkey Quest

    Monkey Quest

    Heat things up this Summer! Play Monkey Quest.

  • Real Monsters Match

    Real Monsters Match

    Match up the Monsters Real fast!

  • Music Decomposer

    Music Decomposer

    Get ready to make monstrous melodies!

  • Real Monsters Colorizer

    Real Monsters Colorizer

    Create a masterpiece with the monsters!

  • Holiday Stuffing

    Holiday Stuffing

    Keep passing the food 'til your guests pass out!

  • Skatin' Skeleton

    Skatin' Skeleton

    This trick or treater was built for speed!

  • Loves Me, Loves Me...Not!

    Loves Me, Loves Me...Not!

    Put your puppy love to the petal test!

  • Summer Word Search

    Summer Word Search

    Excercise your noggin with the Summer Word Search!

  • Crossword


    Nothing spells holiday cheer like our challenging crossword!

  • Return to Monster Island

    Return to Monster Island

    Take a tour, ride a creature, battle a monster in your quest to save SpongeBob's buddies!

  • Nick'd


    Scare away the present thieves--but not Santa!


This holiday season, Nickelodeon crowns the new King of Wrap!


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