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Wild Grinders: Industry Escape

Wild Grinders

Wild Grinders: Industry Escape

Dodge the guards and skate your way down the building to escape without getting caught by the security laser!

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    Game Description

    In Wild Grinders: Industry Escape, Lil Rob's crazy jetpack trick has crash-landed him straight into the roof of Hucksterball Industries! Now its up to you to use your shreddin' skills to evade the laser security system and skate your way all the way down to freedom. Collect the different power ups to gain a shield, move faster, disable the laser, and other different abilities. Watch out though! The guards won't let you down so easily, and if you touch the laser then it's Game Over! Check out Wild Grinders: Industry Escape, and other free online sports games at

    How to Play:

    Use WASD or the Arrow Keys to move. Use the W Key, the Up Key, or the Spacebar to jump.