Black Eyed Peas KCA Performance

Posted on Apr 02, 2011 by KCA Kid

OMG! Talk about rockin' out -- the Black Eyed Peas totally blew us away with their killer performance at the Kids' Choice Awards! They sang "The Time" and "Just Can't Get Enough" off their new album, The Beginning, and we seriously could not get enough!

black eyed peas kca

Fergie looked amazing in a LEGO DRESS. Yes, you read that right! She was wearing a dress made out of LEGOS!

fergie kca

She had bright orange eye-shadow on -- how appropriate! -- and looked gorgeous. was wearing neon futuristic shades and a leather alien-esque costume. Loved it! When Jack Black hopped on stage to dance with them, we nearly lost our lunch laughing! Those are moves we'll be practicing later. Check back for the performance vid!