Jennifer Stone Chats Slime on the Orange Carpet

Posted on Apr 08, 2011 by KCA Kid

Jennifer Stone always surprises us with her outfits on the carpet and the Kids' Choice Awards Orange Carpet was no exception! Luckily, she didn't get her outfit messy with any green, gooey stuff this year (or any year) because she's never been slimed! Isn't that crazy? But when it comes down to doing the sliming, Jen had the most fun when sliming Johnny Depp. "It might be a lot of female's favorites, but sliming Johnny Depp was great." We can imagine! But this year, Johnny did all the sliming and Russell Brand and Rico Rodriguez paid for Johnny's fun!

jennifer stone orange carpet

So how come Jen walked away without a smudge of slime on her this year? Jen told us: "I'm a Disney kid. We don't get slimed. We stay pretty clean." Ohh, is that a challenge?! We'll see you next year, Jen!