KCA Book of Records: Most Wins

Posted on Mar 13, 2011 by KCA Krazed

You already know who has the most KCA nominations, but what about the most KCA wins? We had to look way back to find just how many blimps belong to these wonder winning superstars because they've been a KCA staple for countless years! And they're still not going anywhere! Miley Cyrus, who snagged three noms this year alone, is tied in second place with the new-millenium pop princess Britney Spears. They both hold five wins! But the number one KCA blimp winner of all time is.....wait for it....(drum roll).....WILL SMITH! This mega KCA King is the proud owner of SEVEN trophies!

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We're all well aware of Will's karate-kicking son, Jaden Smith, rising in the ranks of KCA stardom. But do you think he can outlast his KCA-veteran father?