Cole Sprouse vs. Dylan Sprouse

Posted on Mar 22, 2011 by KCA Krush

Aside from both being up for Favorite TV Actor KCAs and looking a LOT alike, the Kids' Choice Award nominated Sprouse twins have a ton in common, but they also have a few differences that you might not know about!

Did you know that Cole was named after singer and pianist Nat King Cole and Dylan was named after the famous poet Dylan Thomas? Cole is considered to be the more outgoing brother of the two, and Dylan is more laid back. Cole started writing in a journal every day and convinced Dylan to do the same. (Wish we could take a peek inside those pages!) And Cole is the younger of the twins by 15 minutes and says that Dylan brings it up every single day. Ha!

dylan sprouse kca, cole sprouse kca

So...The question is, are you on Team Cole or Team Dylan? Are you going to choose a side? Vote Cole Sprouse or vote Dylan Sprouse right here!