Quizzes | Justin Bieber Quiz: Are You a Belieber?

Justin Bieber Quiz: Are You a Belieber?

Calling all Justin Bieber fanatics! Think your case of Bieber Fever will beat out all the other Beliebers? Put on your game face, because you've got some serious competition.

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  • How many Kids Choice Awards has Justin won?

    • Three
    • Six
    • None yet -- but he was nominated for two this year
  • Which music video shows a girl asking Justin to sign her arm?

    • "Eenie Meenie"
    • "U Smile"
    • "Somebody to Love"
  • Which video shows the Kleen-o-matic Laundromat?

    • "One Less Lonely Girl"
    • "Never Let You Go"
    • "Love Me"
  • Which song did Justin perform at the 2010 Kids Choice Awards?

    • "Somebody to Love"
    • "One Time"
    • "Baby"
  • Who is Justin's manager?

    • J. Dallas
    • Usher
    • Scooter Braun
  • According to the song "Baby," how old was Justin when he first fell in love?

    • 11
    • 13
    • 15
  • Which of Justin's music videos features Jaden Smith?

    • "Never Say Never"
    • "Eenie Meenie"
    • "Somebody to Love"
  • When is Justin's birthday?

    • March 1
    • May 25
    • Jan 7
  • Which direction is Justin looking on the My World album cover?

    • Down
    • To the left
    • He's wearing sunglasses, so there's no way to tell
  • What was special about Justin's solo in "We Are the World 25 For Haiti"?

    • He sang Michael Jackson's part.
    • He hit the highest note ever recorded.
    • He sang the first lines.