Quizzes | Miley Cyrus Quiz: Can you go the extra Mile-y?

Miley Cyrus Quiz: Can you go the extra Mile-y?

Are you the queen of pop or FLOP? Test your knowledge of Miley Cyrus and her movie, "The Last Song" and show off your Miley IQ!

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  • How many KCA blimps does Miley Cyrus own?

    • Five
    • Ten
    • Eight
  • Which of the following did Miley do to prepare for her role in The Last Song?

    • Voice lessons
    • Classical piano lessons
    • Swimming classes
  • "The Last Song" is the first movie to be shot and set on what island?

    • Gallapagos Island
    • Tybee Island
    • St. Martin
  • For the film, "The Last Song," Miley chose her character's name, "Ronnie", to honor who?

    • Her high school boyfriend, Ron Harding
    • Former U.S. President, Ronald Reagan
    • Her grandfather, Ron Cyrus
  • Which Miley song plays in the background of the film's trailer?

    • "When I Look at You"
    • "Climb"
    • "Party in the USA"
  • What is Miley's favorite cuisine?

    • Italian food
    • Chinese food
    • Mexican food
  • Miley also starred as the voice of which animated character?

    • Penny in "Bolt"
    • Jessie in "Toy Story 3"
    • Violet in "The Incredibles"
  • Miley was actually born with the first name ____.

    • Hope
    • Tribute
    • Destiny
  • Which well-known author wrote "The Last Song?"

    • Nicholas Sparks
    • Stephenie Meyer
    • J.K Rowling
  • How old was Miley when she first auditioned for "Hannah Montana?"

    • 8 years old
    • 11 years old
    • 9 years old