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The Top 10 Highlights from Kids' Choice Sports 2015:

10. Jonathan Clark hit the 50K shot!

9. Then Roee Maor hit the 50K shot!

8. Stephen Curry won 3 Blimps and got the entire audience to say "Happy Birthday" to his daughter.

7. We watched Ciara and Russell do the 'Whip' AND the 'Nae Nae.'

6. Candace Parker and Ashley Wagner busted out a t-shirt gatling gun?!

5. Host Russell Wilson got bullseye-slimed.

4. The U.S. Women's National team won the KCS 500 tricycle race!

3. Russell and Marshawn scored mohawk Blimps. See ALL THE WINNERS here!

2. The audience had an EPIC dance party.

1. Derek Jeter got gold-slimed and enshrined into Kids' Choice Sports Legend status!