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If you're looking to learn more about LEGO® Friends, you've come to the right place. The BFF Book is our personal scrapbook where you'll get to know a little bit about us, the city where we live and all of the things we like to do. Check back often because we’re always updating it with cool stuff that offers an up-close and personal look at our lives.

Building a Friendship. One Friend at a time.

In the beginning, there were four of us: Emma, Mia, Stephanie and Andrea. When Olivia moved to our town, we felt like we knew her our entire lives. We all go to the same high school now and love everything about it, even if it’s hard work sometimes. Whether we’re on an adventure together (like when we went to the Jungle), caring for our animals or just hanging around, our friendship is special because we’re always there for each other.

Friends come in all shapes and sizes!

The LEGO Friends love animals and they all work at the vet clinic to help take care of them. In fact, the entire clinic is run by the Friends. People bring their pets for the girls to train, heal, and walk. The girls can also use their ambulance to find animals in need.

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The city that never stops having fun.

Heartlake City is the name of the town where we live. Everyone is so friendly and there’s so much to do. From shopping downtown to camping in the mountains to cruising off the coast, we’re so lucky to call this place home.

We’re 5 friends with 5 unique personalities.

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