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The Message Boards is the place for YOU to say what's on your mind and interact with other Nick fans. And while we here at HQ are all for freedom of speech, making a safe place for kids to communicate is our #1 goal and there are some things that shouldn't be said online.

Here are a few rules to post by:

  1. NEVER give out your password or any personal information here at or anywhere on the Web. No one from will ever ask you for it (except when you're logging on, of course).
  2. NEVER give out your home address, hometown, IM name, other website usernames or telephone number here at or anywhere on the Web. Any posts with this info will be deleted immediately.
  3. NO cursing. Swearing, cussing, using dirty words...whatever you call it, don't do it here. And don't try to fake us out by using symbols or spelling the words wrong, either. Our moderators have been in the biz for a while now, and they've seen it all. Any posts or with inappropriate language will be deleted immediately, along with anything interesting you might have written.
  4. NO harassing. Be nice, people. Any posts including personal attacks or threatening, violent, sexual or downright mean comments...including using the word "duh" or calling somebody stupid...will be deleted immediately. So will any posts or including negative images of anyone's race, religion, gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation. No joke.
  5. NO breaking the law—or encouraging other people to. Any posts that promote illegal activities will be deleted.
  6. STAY on topic. If you're on an "Avatar" board, post about Aang and his gang. If you're on the TEENick boards, post about your fave Nick stars. Posting about off-topic stuff wastes space and time.
  7. DON'T include links or email addresses in your post. doesn't link out to other sites we don't review first, and we can't post anyone's email address. Posts including links or email addresses will be deleted.
  8. BE yourself. When you're posting on a message board, don't pretend you're someone else. You wouldn't want someone pretending to be YOU, would you? Exactly.
  9. YOU must be under 18 to post. message boards are for kids only. Any messages from posters 18 or older will be deleted. Except the moderators, of course!
  10. NEVER use your full name in your NickName. When you create your NickName, don't include both your first and last names, and don't use any foul language or bad words. NickNames that include a full name or a bad word will be deleted.
  11. Remember to ALWAYS check with your parents before you post any info online.

Ok, so now that we've listed all the things you CAN'T do on the Message Boards, you're probably wondering what you CAN say. Well, we don't actually have a list of those things—because it would be too long! So go on, post your head off. But before you do, please read a little something we like to call the Nickelodeon Online Terms and Conditions.

If you see something you don't like, remember that all the stuff on the message boards comes straight from other kids, not from someone at wouldn't tell kids what to say, because kids have minds of their own! But if someone sends ugly messages, we'll do our best to take care of it. We all want to be a safe place for kids to hang out.

If you write something that catches our eye on a message board, we might want to use it on the site or on Nick TV. By posting on our boards, and getting your parent's permission to do so, you your parents are telling us it's ok to repeat what you say. It's even ok to put it in an advertisement. It means we can use it in any way we want, anywhere, until the end of time. And wouldn't it be cool if we used something YOU said until the end of time?