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» Ninth-grader Danny Fenton has suddenly become ghost-hunting superhero Danny Phantom! Now a normal day for Danny means fighting ghosts and saving the world--oh yeah, and trying to survive high school. Post your paranormal predictions about "Danny Phantom" right here!
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1 Secret of the Borg: Standing On Truth brawlfall2 04-17-14
1 A Ghost Singer katgal1234 04-17-14
16 (Danny Phantom & The Secret Show Crossover) zaru 04-17-14
34 the inbetween *a original DP fanfic* *characters welcomed* nature4cra 04-19-14
153 Danny's Doppleganger (A new fan-fiction) StarPaw007 04-19-14
108 Amnesia (Reposted... again.. StarPaw007 04-19-14
14 Witches and Ghosts ~Chapter One~ (mods plz post) goblue0318 04-20-14
94 Who am I? What am I? (Me and Gostly) waterspout 04-20-14
83 Dani and the Avatar: The Fight to Save the World LunaDiana 04-21-14
9 The Mythical Heroes Series: The Life of Saralyn 2 dazooooool 04-22-14
17 The Untold Secret Series: Secrets and Lies GhostlyBee 04-22-14
3 Danny Phantom Weekly Poll 3 GhostlyBee 04-23-14