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» Carly Shay, Sam Puckett and Freddie Benson rule the internet with a crazy sketch comedy show that they broadcast from their attic. With plenty of "help" from Carly's artsy big brother Spencer, their lovably weird buddy Gibby and a few crazy parents, they manage to stir up as much silly trouble in their lives as they do on their show. But you already know all this! You're a huge fan! Show some love for the iCarly crew on this amazing messageboard.
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1 y sam and carly are bffs lovebugn33 07-03-14
2 wow ha ha Icarly! marchfun 07-06-14
18 witch one creddie or seddie 11kate11 07-12-14
2 why did carly let out of jail in the first place 11kate11 07-10-14
3 who wants iCARLY back. gaige1000 07-30-14
4 who thinks icarly should have went on forever? trini132 07-06-14
1 who likes freediy gaige1000 07-28-14
1 who can dress better? rayray6020 07-21-14
108 who am i? (reaally hard) (i HAVE been on icarly) icarlyfanl 07-27-14
3 who am i? (EXTREME VERISOIN) pinkgal78 07-30-14
7 who am i? brennab3 07-07-14
6 who am i kaijah3090 07-24-14
7 who am i holland45 07-26-14
3 who am i luvdacubs 07-24-14
3 who am i elise400 07-06-14
8 what charectar are you nyeemah 07-07-14
1 were does sam live zayn980 07-10-14
1 wather you like freddy or not yooyoo45 07-13-14
1 sweet show! beckman100 07-14-14
7 songs loaa11 07-15-14