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» Carly Shay, Sam Puckett and Freddie Benson rule the internet with a crazy sketch comedy show that they broadcast from their attic. With plenty of "help" from Carly's artsy big brother Spencer, their lovably weird buddy Gibby and a few crazy parents, they manage to stir up as much silly trouble in their lives as they do on their show. But you already know all this! You're a huge fan! Show some love for the iCarly crew on this amazing messageboard.
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47 Finally Home (Reposted) *Characters Needed* MegaZip312 04-10-14
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23 Who is CUTER???????? swirlsavy1 04-15-14
21 iCARLY NEWSLETTER! mastrcibby 03-30-14
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15 Seddie fans, please click sharp98 04-14-14
14 is freddie cute or gibby? vgfbgnhgbg 04-12-14
13 IReturn *Need characters!* alb05 04-10-14
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12 icarly= the real ending cakles123 04-12-14
11 WHO IS PRETTIER SAM OR CARLY? ioanna1pop 04-15-14
11 Roleplay on ICarly! barbieroxs 04-11-14
11 ICarly is not coming back!!! patay 04-08-14
9 Hi! I'm new..and I need help! Rainyfun 04-13-14