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» Those play-by-the-rules penguins you met in the Madagascar movies have their own show! Join Rico, Skipper, Kowalski, and Private, and post about their missions here!
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6 My Party and Sleepover. Allyevi 04-21-14
10 Pretty Girl Rock (crossover fanfic ocs welcome) agentnikki 04-05-14
8 Human Or Penguin: Kowalski's Dilema. (fan~fic) 1Kowalski 04-24-14
4 The Moolight In Her Eyes (CrystalxKowalski fan-fic) 1Kowalski 04-23-14
37 Kowalski's strange human friend. 1Kowalski 04-23-14
22 Pizza Party and Sleepover. 1Kowalski 04-23-14
8 Diabolical Alliance (Pom/TMNT crossover fan-fic, Ocs welcom) 1Kowalski 04-22-14
29 of the porpoises of life. 1Kowalski 04-19-14
2 Penguin Power Update 1Kowalski 04-06-14
4 Ultimate Penguin quiz! 1Kowalski 04-05-14
2 Is Kowalski a handsome Geek? 1Kowalski 04-05-14
9 URGENT! URGENT! PLEASE READ, ALL! 1Kowalski 03-28-14