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» Verminious Snaptrap is on the loose and Petropolis is in major danger! This sounds like a job for T.U.F.F. Puppy! The new Nick series from the creators of Fairly OddParents features the voice of iCarly star Jerry Trainor and packs more action than a three mile rollercoaster!
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1 Darkness' Doomsday Bt1229 04-14-14
1 The presence of Electri, the loss of it.(Help Electri board) SheWolf99 04-08-14
1 Lexi, her real name.(Click or ELSE!) DAshfire25 03-26-14
1 T.U.F.F PUPPY thuner25 03-26-14
1 love it awsomecatt 03-23-14
2 time travel!? sign ups! sethman13 04-18-14
2 Epic TUFF and DOOM Dodgeball Tournament! Sign-Ups Raphiel900 04-18-14
2 SAILS Sign up!(By ZZNC and Blaire) SheWolf99 04-17-14
3 who uus better on t.u.f.f ? your answer may win! ioanna1pop 04-15-14
3 A new agency: ICAEE* DAshfire25 03-28-14
3 Why do you LOVE T.U.F.F. Puppy????? alicel14 03-26-14
4 EAT Sign-ups! (Sorry if it was taken, I was out of ideas) Bt1229 04-18-14
4 Mission: Exploring the Portal penguin050 04-04-14
4 Electri: Defender with "Problems", but like her PLZ! DAshfire25 03-26-14
5 A TUFF Party! (Lasts all month) Bt1229 04-18-14
5 Stuck in Bikini Bottom(An ALL Mission. I mean it.) SheWolf99 04-02-14
7 arcade transport! sethman13 04-18-14
7 Mission: Master Monster's REVENGE penguin050 04-05-14
7 Darkness' Plan to Mess with the Agents Bt1229 03-27-14
8 Wait, what happened?(A Swapped Story) DAshfire25 03-22-14