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» How you doin'? Here's the place to tell everyone! Grab a cup-of-joe from Central Perk -- just don't give your order to Rachel or it will most likely come out wrong -- and talk about your favorite Friends moments and Smelly Cat chit-chat, right here.
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13 I LOVE THIS SHOW icarlysamc 07-28-14
2 It's Time! The NEW NICKDaisy 07-29-14
3 LOVE this swimmer74 07-26-14
1 Monica go with Chandler or Joey? kifrid2740 07-28-14
2 Should monica marry chandler, joey, or ross? kifrid2740 07-28-14
3 Should nick at nite put it on at 9pm-10pm every night? kifrid2740 07-28-14
1 Thank you guys jabria12 07-28-14
7 Would Rachel be likly to marry Ross, Chandler, or Joey turtlepink 07-28-14
2 awome show tyler0727 07-22-14
9 do you stay up every night to watch it? cookiejojo 07-27-14
17 shoud rachel go with ross or joey? cnpl04 07-27-14
1 should monica go with chandler or joey? kifrid2740 07-28-14
36 who do you think is the cutest couple? ZKY80 07-28-14
8 who is better tylerrelyt 07-26-14