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» Look out Shredder, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are resurfacing on Nickelodeon this Fall! Though they haven't quite mastered their ninja skills yet, these sewer-surfing turtle dudes are more than ready to duke it out with evil. With lots of help from Master Splinter, their buddy April and each other, this band of brothers is determined to stop crime in its tracks. Keep an eye on the sewers and talk Turtles right here on their official messageboard!

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16 ~Mutant Maker~ *NOT A CONTEST!* BrOkEnFiRe 03-29-14
6 you replace a charater with yourself which one would it be TMNTfg 03-23-14
2 you know what would be the best invatert11 04-02-14
8 would you rather raphgal03 04-20-14
37 would raph and april be a good couple tmntraphie 04-13-14
8 why do you think they did the survey?capril PLESE CLICK omgguy55 03-29-14
2 whos mikey? Smittycobb 04-12-14
9 who would you be in TMNT 8imcool778 04-11-14
40 who saw the new ninja turtle movie trailer invatert11 04-05-14
10 who like mikey?? caprilfan 03-25-14
8 who is your favorite tmnt hero leo7272 04-19-14
6 who is mona lisa??? moimamoxy 04-18-14
1 who is Larota? (raph's girlfriend?) tsumetai44 04-20-14
7 who am i. hard.round 4 leofan1 04-03-14
11 who am i. hard. round 3 leofan1 04-11-14
21 who am i. hard. round 2. leofan1 04-14-14
11 who am i. hard. leofan1 04-05-14
18 whats your favorite nonturtle joeeyeball 04-10-14
7 what would be the best names for girl tmnt's? annaml 03-23-14
2 what turtle are you zombieg6 04-11-14