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6 The Legend Of Sorra And Goney sorra1234 04-15-14
40 Dweller of the Abyss Emnu 04-15-14
12 Welcome to the Review Page! Emnu 04-14-14
10 The Squiggly Lines Of Doom! (Yugioh Zexal/DBZ crossover) sorra1234 04-14-14
4 Love is War *Spirit, Gyspy, and Zeke story* Vege 04-14-14
39 A Timeless Lily: The Story of Azucena Gokuruls37 04-13-14
2 DUN DUN DUUUUNNN redrosy 04-13-14
8 Wow... CosbyRock 04-13-14
17 -Hello World- *Sage's Story* Vege 04-13-14
1 Blackened Hope* redrosy 04-11-14
8 DBZ: Herobrine, a Tarnished Legacy. Okami21 04-10-14
4 Hear me roar! *meow* ~Adding OCs~ Hannahann7 04-10-14
5 Varroku-kun!!!! Wanna do a double? Vege 04-09-14
2 Happy birthday Vegesama! ~It's interesting to say the least~ Varroku 04-09-14
7 Do you want to be shocked? emnu 04-06-14
1 Ask the DBZ characters/ocs/me/etc! avatarfanp 04-05-14
2 (REPOST) Reminder: Bill is a Gods Name varroku 04-03-14
4 Question to Mods! Varroku 04-03-14
2 Reminder: Bill is a Gods Name. Varroku 04-02-14
4 ~Reunion~ *Vege and Varroku story* Vege 04-02-14