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» You ask for it - you got it! If you're a Dragon Ball fan and love to write your own stories, this is the board for you. Post all your DBZK adventures straight from your imagination right here!
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41 The Legend Of Sorra And Goney sorra1234 08-28-14
5 who wood win in a fight goku vs a t rex maxismaxis 08-21-14
3 new dragon ball z esi100 08-21-14
1 <.b>Rohan's Epic Life Story: Part 1 of the Trilogy<.b/> K4221 08-18-14
10 You probably don't remember me! :) K4221 08-15-14
4 Let's Try it Again...With a Twist! lizzie510 08-15-14
1 It's Time! The NEW NICKDaisy 08-04-14