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4 be my friend or else i will haunt you habanero12 07-02-14
4 Your Scariest Moment Elissa2003 07-01-14
5 WHO IS BLOODY MARY?!?! TELL ME!!! barbieroxs 07-10-14
5 CLICK HERE UNLESS YOUR SCARED!!! ashiley22 07-05-14
7 Camp Near The Swamp *Character Fiction* Remade oreoeyes 07-28-14
14 Are you afraid of CLOWNS!!!!!!! dmj2020 07-24-14
26 tell me your SCARY story. <:-> dundun8 07-20-14
29 click here if you want buddy request!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1d5436 07-24-14
35 I have a angel! leisha6 07-24-14
47 Woods *FanFiction story* NEED CHARACTERS! sing11love 07-29-14
53 DON'T CLICK IT YOU WILL BE TOO SCARED!!! barbieroxs 07-25-14
64 What r u afraid of ? *CLICK HERE* emmie176 07-21-14
85 do you ever feel like somones whaching u???? trinidi577 07-25-14