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» Sanjay and Craig are best friends. Like psychic, same blood, closer than brothers BEST friends. Together they wander the suburbs doing the impossible, walking tightropes, shredding video game world records, posing as doctors, befriending gorillas and basically doing whatever they want to do. They're unstoppable... as long as nobody finds out that Craig is a talking snake, so DON'T TELL!

What's the craziest thing you and your best friend have done? Could your neighborhood handle a talking snake? Discuss all this and more, right here on the official Sanjay and Craig message board!
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4 My RAD-Awesome Toy Snake chumchumxo 07-15-14
2 who is ur favorite character sanjay or craig or both cahansen04 07-12-14
1 want a talking snake click here cahansen04 07-11-14
2 get this right and get a prize cahansen04 07-11-14
20 Who are you?(Type your color) barbieroxs 07-22-14
56 Click!If you dare......... barbieroxs 07-15-14
2 sanjay and craig barbie265 07-12-14
17 WHO AM I (so hard you cant get it right) 8a617 07-18-14
6 Sanjay and Craig in Block Party! 4932 07-12-14
28 Wouldn't it be cool if there were a Frycade in real life? 4932 07-12-14
43 DONT CLICK 123catkitt 07-15-14