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» It's time to let your AWESOME voice be heard! 'Cause we're talking about all things AwesomenessTV! Was there a sketch that sent you to the floor laughing? Is there a prank you want to see pulled? Or maybe there's a song that you have the perfect parody for? We can see the awesomeness churning in your brain. Start typing!
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133 U HAVE TO CLICK THIS TRUST ME jyia307 07-23-14
12 5sos bluebae97 07-23-14
5 kian lawley and sam pottorff sbsbsbsb 07-23-14
8 icarly or sam and cat bingo9876 07-22-14
1 Selena Gomez crazloomer 07-21-14
1 awesomeness v s2 meluvshows 07-21-14
23 one direction terah99 07-21-14
1 click if you win you get a prize crazloomer 07-21-14
1 witch two Celebs from nick should go out tydee29 07-20-14
35 ariana grande rebael22 07-20-14
12 Stars Who Should Guest Star on Awesomeness TV Crookers11 07-19-14
38 SMOSH on awesomeness TV! kcachick 07-17-14
4 spongebob squarepants brizzsy 07-17-14
5 Please read it! correct three answsers will get buddies iluvharr98 07-17-14
20 becky g or ariana grande De1ya 07-17-14
3 CLICK HERE! samrules15 07-17-14
1 making new Awesomeness TV CHAZEROxr 07-16-14
1 i love awesomeness tv tiger5718 07-14-14
23 CLICK OR ELSE skylerwild 07-14-14
1 mega boss nenecb 07-12-14