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» Navigating a new school, dealing with crush drama, making friends and mastering new powers as a teen witch? It's all in a days work for Emma Alonso. What is Emma in for this year at Iridium High? What's life like with special powers? How do you deal with a high school nemesis? Discuss, discuss, discuss!!
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74 Do you think emma will end up with Jax or Danial captain89 08-15-14
8 E.W.W. CLUBHOUSE????!!!!?!?! cookiebot1 08-19-14
1 HELLO WORLD arianaic 08-09-14
28 Jax and Andi!!Tell me what you think of them??? Barbie1960 07-30-14
37 To: All the fans on Every Witch Way!!! 10kj31 08-11-14
18 Yeserdays was thebest epidoe tell me what was you fav part ilovebbq 07-24-14
13 You Saved My Life {Fan Fic} RosieWinx 08-14-14
1 because jax is afraid of birds moxeyz 07-28-14
2 jax Izzzy123 08-04-14
1 should jax date emma eevveelyn 07-29-14
1 who should Emma be with Jax or Daniel? cool782 07-30-14
8 witches or wizards? tatum18 08-04-14
17 #TEAM JAX OR DANIEL booskieboo 08-11-14
1 **************CLICK***********SPOILERS******** jemmayas 08-11-14
1 ********DOES JAX LIVE EMMA OR E ************* jemmayas 08-12-14
1 ********MAKE UPS AND BREAK UPS*********** jemmayas 08-12-14
10 *******FANFIC U GET TO CONTIUE THE STORY**** jemmayas 08-16-14
1 *****HELP***** pigface76 08-02-14
11 *****click here******* witch22 08-04-14
1 ****CLICK**** pigface76 08-02-14