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» Just how ODD are the "Fairly OddParents"? What would YOU do with Fairy Godparents like Cosmo and Wanda? Be careful what you wish for, and post your ODDest opinions right here!
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6 who am i joseyrae 10-24-14
2 who am i (very hard) checkmate6 10-20-14
1 Game ideas :):):):):) bizzle79 10-19-14
1 Hidden Things in "Escape from Un-Wished Island hoaballet 10-19-14
36 Who am I? (super easy) kidz993 10-16-14
1 samara samara0685 10-16-14
80 Fairly OddParents Character Maker! LOKorra12 10-13-14
16 In what episode did Cosmo and Wanda quit being GodParents? pvz7211 10-12-14
1 what happen to nick club appleyo 10-07-14