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» Living under the sea has never been so much fun as it is for the loveable "SpongeBob SquarePants". Follow your favorite fry cook around as he gets into and out of some strange situations. Tell us what you think living in a pineapple would be like. Whats your favorite episode? Post your wave of answers here!
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1 GONE FISHING DOES NOT WORK keith4444 04-12-14
356 GUYS if you answer this u are a true fan of spongebob brobro333 04-22-14
12 Hard Spongebob Quiz( almost tooo hard) julian4321 04-18-14
7 Hardest question in the world. froggy245 04-12-14
4 How can we save Spongebob? jkw535 04-17-14
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9 How to Make Sponge Bob Sad awesomepap 04-22-14
1 How to Make Sponge Bob Sad awesomepap 04-17-14
13 How well do you know the show? HAUTHAWAY 03-28-14
17 I HAVE AN IDEA!!! (on how we can save spongebob) woolmanman 04-15-14
1 I'm a true fan of SpngeBob because I watch all the seasons. SJT 04-21-14
2 I'm a true fan of SpongeBob. SJT 04-22-14
3 I'm ready for ?. tell_me 04-15-14
5 IS SPONGEBOB IN A SONG? PLZ CLICK! mlpeg405 04-20-14
7 If you would really like a friend click here America03 04-05-14
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11 KENNY THE CAT ROLE PLAY bmink 03-31-14
10 Keep Spongebob Living Long: K.S.L.L. Episode Ideas! BAmeliaVee 04-23-14