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Danny's Doppleganger (A new fan-fiction)

Date: 05/28/13 7:21 PM
From: StarPaw007

Hey guys. I've decided to make a new fan-fiction. ^^ I couldn't think of another name. I think I came up with a pretty solid idea? We'll see I guess. Hope you enjoy. I will not be accepting characters. I am very sorry.

In a lab hidden from prying eyes, a man works on probably the best experiment of his life. "Perfect." He hisses under his breath. "Absolutely perfect... Soon you will be complete. Then we can finally get our revenge on the ghost boy. We will make him pay... son."
He lets out a soft wicked laugh. And in the dark, a pair of fangs gleam in an evil grin.....

(Danny's POV,)
I sat in Mr. Lancers class. The clock seemed to tick slower and slower. Everyone was impatient. I flopped my head on my table and rested my head in my arms.
The speech that Mr. Lancer was giving was drowned out by the sound of the bell, and students screaming happily. "Now listen kids! I didn't dismiss you yet. SIT DOWN!"
Everyone flopped back into their seats, with mumbles of protest. "I know you are ALL excited for winter break, but that does NOT mean you can leave my class acting like wild animals!"
"Have fun over winter break, and remember to watch out for wild reindeer. They ARE wild animals. AND WILL STOMP ON YOU AS IF YOU WERE A DRIED LEAF!!" Mr. Lancer leaned over his desk.
Everyone blinked a few times, then got up to leave.
Giggles and laughs. I smiled myself.
"Hey Danny, are you gonna be the Grinch Who Stole Christmas again this year?" Tucker asked. "Or did you finally learn your lesson after LAST Christmas?" Sam added.
I gave them a glare. "THERE'S THE GRINCH WE ALL KNOW AND LOVE!!" Tucker slapped me on the back and I laughed.
"But you have to admit, it's better when he's not complaining all Christmas season long." Sam commented.
We walked out of the school. I dug around in my book bag to find my jacket.
Suddenly it was knocked out of my hands. "H-Hey!" I yelled, looking up. It was Dash... of course...
He grabbed my hair. "I'm gonna miss wailing on you Fen-TON." He threw me to the ground.
Then walked away laughing. My eyes glowed green, and I put my hand behind my back. Shooting a green plasma beam at his shoes. They melted and Dash fell over. "FEN-TOOON!"
"Run." I whispered.
"RIGHT BEHIND YOU!" Tucker announced.

"Hahahaaa!!" I held my side, and leaned against a building. Sam and Tucker were doing the same. After a few minutes of tying to control ourselves, we finally were able to stop.
"That was.... hilarious..." Tucker announced, out of breath.
"Yeah." I giggled. "It was?"
Sam nodded.
"Anyways." I sighed. "I need to get home." I walked in the direction of my house. "See you later!" I waved, and hurried on.
The air was cold and my breath came out in puffs. It was the first Christmas season, other than last year, that I was actually cheerful and happy.
I walked up the frozen steps, and opened the door. I had a great feeling about this Christmas....

Please comment and tell me what you think!! No one knows Danny's secret. Just to let you know. ^^

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Date: 12/01/13 5:07 PM
From: LunaDiana




Date: 11/17/13 6:40 PM
From: StarPaw007

Hiya guys. Haven't been on in forever...
Because I didn't want to write. (still kinda don't...)
I guess I'm just... just losing interest in writing fan-fics?
I really wanna write, but at the same time I REAALLLYYY don't...
I think Imma try to update at least one of my fan-fics tonight. For you guys. (It will likely be Amnesia , since I might like writing that one better)
I'm really sorry. I'm being such a jerk to you guys.

(no happy star and kitty icons for me )

Date: 10/23/13 7:24 PM
From: 23horses

Yeah...Poetry. Ok, I have a feeling adding Dani would be weird I guess. Oh well. I remember you used to write poetry for my old spin-off "Danielle Phantom".
Speaking of which, do you care if I make it again, but there will be some changes to it, so I hope you and anyone else out there will like my spin-off.
I was literally making a 'book' of the spin-off, until my computer got viruses and my mom had to restarted it to get rid of them and I had to do it all over again.
By the way StarPaw, keep up the good work and keep on making those FanFics of yours and don't forget about poetry!
From your buddy,

Date: 10/22/13 9:27 PM
From: starpaw007

Dear 23horses,
I'm sorry, but adding Danielle would be kinda weird. The fan-fic is already all over the place at the moment, I don't think I could add her. Sorry. T^T
It wouldn't fit in with the plot.
I was actually hoping to wrap this fan-fic up soon...
But I don't know how to do so yet. I get the general idea of what I want the ending to be, but...
This is why I will probably never write a novel...
Maybe I should write short stories if I ever become a writer, eh?
*gasps* OR POETRY!! XD

Date: 10/22/13 8:42 PM
From: 23horses

Try adding Danielle on to your FanFic, if you want to. I don't care if don't want to or not.
From your buddy,

Date: 10/14/13 6:42 PM
From: StarPaw007

Wow.. I totally forgot about this part.... Sorry I didn't finish sooner!

PART 23, (Danie's POV,)
"Danie? Danie?!"
I shook my head quickly. "Um, what was that Val?"
She was waving her hand in front of my face trying to get my attention. I didn't realize I had zoned out.
"You've just been staring at the wall for five minutes." she stated, stirring a bit of... was that... meatloaf?... oh, nevermind. Sirring the meatloaf , we'll say, around her tray absentmindedly.
"I'm just thinking about some things." I told her. She rolled her eyes. "That happens with Danny ALL the time. I mean really, what do you guys think about so much?"
I shrugged. "Girls and stuff."
Valerie shot me a glare. "Oh really? So who were you just thinking about? Mr. Stud."
I pursed my lips in concentration, trying to think up a good lie... "That's what I thought."
Shrugging, I grabbed a fry off of Val's tray. "Mine." I teased, tossing it in my mouth. "Fine, then this-" Valerie grabbed my cheeseburger. "-is mine." She took a big bite.
"Oh, no fair!"
"All's fair in love and war." Valerie quoted, earning an eyeroll from me.
"You may have won the battle, Ms. Gray, but I will win the war." I replied in a deep voice. "We'll see about that." She joked.
"So, how's ghost hunting goin' for ya?" I asked, changing the subject. She knew I knew her secret because I was the son of her employer. "Okay, except that I can never catch that pesky Danny Phantom." She spat his name out with so much venom, it made me flinch. "And worse, there's another Phantom flying around! One that looks just like him. I hate them both so much."
Okay, I'll admit, that hurt... a lot.
?So why do you hate this new guy so much?? I couldn?t help ask. ?Because, Danie, he?s a ghost. All ghosts are evil, disgusting creatures.?
?Oh, yeah...? I mumbled. ?Evil, disgusting...?
?Come on, let?s not talk about ghosts. Can?t we at least try and act like normal teenagers?? She smiled.
?Sure, normal...?.......

(Danny?s POV,)
I couldn?t get over what had happened last night. When Danie smiled, did that mean he was happy that I thought he was good? Did he want to be a hero? I sure hoped he did. He might be a powerful ally.
?There they go again.? Tucker said suddenly, breaking my thoughts. ?Hmm??
?Danie and Valerie. They obviously have a thing for each other.? Tucker pointed his finger at the place where Danie and Valerie were trying to throw french fries into each other?s mouths.
?For once, I agree with Tucker.? Sam stated. ?They obviously like each other.?
Biting my lip, I couldn?t help feel a bit jealous...
But Valerie had dumped me. We were just friends now... and besides, it could never have worked out anyway...
?Yeah, it?s kinda cute..? I confessed reluctantly.
?You still have feelings for her, huh?? Sam asked
I twiddled my thumbs, and chanced a glance in Valerie's direction. "Eh... Uh..." I sighed. "Yeah."
"I expected as much." Sam smiled. "But think. He's your clone. Don't you think that maybe he might have the same crushes as you do? The same feelings? Sure, he acts like he doesn't. But he does, and hopefully he'll come to realize that."
I smiled at her. "I guess you are right. At least he doesn't have a crush on you-"
Both of our faces flushed bright red. "Yeah, it's a good thing he doesn't." Sam admitted.
We then looked in opposite reactions, whistling and trying to pretend that had never happened............


Date: 10/10/13 7:03 PM
From: StarPaw007

Sorry guys!! I worked on most of the part days ago, but haven't finished it.
I've had so much homework, no lie. In fact... I should be doing homework right now... DX *sobs*
I've been reading Tom Sawyer all day! And I STILL have 4 pages of math homework to do!!!
*table flip*
Why do I procrastinate so?!!?

Date: 10/09/13 3:55 PM
From: Romy0

I know that you may be busy, but please continue Starpaw. This is going great.



Date: 10/02/13 6:43 PM
From: martin1525

That was really good. I wish I could do a story like that.

Date: 09/29/13 9:40 PM
From: LunaDiana

Hey StarPaw!! Mage says hi. She can't say so because her account is acting wonky right now. So until then she will use my account.



Date: 09/29/13 7:01 PM
From: starpaw007

Dear Mage,
Any friend of Luna's is a friend of mine. (Okay, really anyone is a friend of mine. XD)

Date: 09/23/13 2:42 PM
From: Romy0

Luna, did you know that Michigan has bipolar weather and is extremely boring that you want to move out and live in Canada, which was where the creator of Ed Edd n Eddy was from?



Date: 09/22/13 7:16 PM
From: lunadiana

And, how did you not know that? Maybe it's because I live there?

Also, did you know that Washington has the only evergreen tree forest in the WORLD!?

Idk why I even bother. Those facts are boring! XD
(I feel too lazy to do my full siggy.)


Date: 09/22/13 5:31 PM
From: lunadiana

I know that song. I sang that for choir concert once. XD Continue! Please!

~All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.~ Walt Disney


Date: 09/22/13 11:07 AM
From: starpaw007

Dear Romy0.
Yes. I learned the states from "The 50 states in Rhyme" song. XD
"When I was young I studied, US geography. The teacher said would you stand up, and list the states for me. My knees began a knockin', my words fell out all wrong. Then suddenly, I burst out with this silly little song.
Doo doo doo doodoodoo doo duh doo doo do.
Alabama and Alaska, Arizona..."
And so on. XD

Date: 09/21/13 10:36 PM
From: Romy0

That is correct! It's Blooregard Q. Kazoo! I loved that show, and still watch it.
Also, how can you sing all of that in 27 seconds? Any songs you've learned from? I learned the states & capitals from Wakko's America.



Date: 09/21/13 7:56 PM
From: starpaw007

Dear Romy0,
"It's hot in Topeka.... It's hot, in... Topeka.... Topeeekkkaaa..."
Bluavard Cue Kazoo!! Also known as... Blue. XD
Here's a fun fact about me...
I can sing all 50 states in 27 seconds.

Dear LunaDiana,
Cool! I never knew that about Washington.


Date: 09/21/13 5:57 PM
From: Romy0

Here's another fun fact about the states: I know all of the states and their capitals.

Also, I want to see if anyone knows who says this line: "It's Hot In Topeka!"

Sorry if that was off-topic, I just want to find out if anyone else here is nostalgic.



Date: 09/21/13 2:01 PM
From: LunaDiana

Oh, and here's a funfact about the states: If you like rain, go to Washington. It's known for its rainyness.

~All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them~ Walt Disney

PS. I just watched X-men: First Class last night. It was amazing, but near the ending, it's SO sad. It's a good movie, though. XD excuse meh randomness!


Date: 09/21/13 10:42 AM
From: starpaw007

Dear LunaDiana,
Yes, I like the quote. ^^
Still. I wish I could go camping. DX
'xcept I can hardly make them with matches... how do I expect to create a fire without matches?
Never know til you try.
Unfortunately, I don't think I'll ever be able to try.
ARGGG!! *flips table*