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Amnesia (Reposted... again..

Date: 09/30/13 4:55 PM
From: StarPaw007

PART 1, (Danny)

The ghost boy flew over a busy city called Amity Park. His fists clenched at his sides, and his eyes glowed bright.
A few people below shouted up and pointed at the sky where he flew, but he tried to ignore them. This is all Plasmius' fault! the teen thought.
A newspaper riding the wind slammed into the ghost boy's face. He pulled it off in annoyance, and tossed it to the side. Letting it flutter down to the ground, or follow the wind's path to who-knows-where.
He already knew what the headlines said. He didn't want to read them again.
Ghost Boy once again declared Amity Park's number one ghost enemy by our beloved mayor, Vlad Masters.
He chuckled to himself quietly. It was more out of anger than anything else. He was on his way to give Masters a visit, and to 'talk'.
He turned down the street of his arch enemy, flying a bit faster. The ghost boy came slowly to a stop, then paused for a second in the air as a cold chill went down his spine and through his body. His ghost sense came out in a blue wisp of breath, which told the ghost boy that Vlad was indeed home.
Frowning the ghost boy waited. Sure enough Vlad Plasmius himself came outside in his ghost form. He had obviously been expecting the teen, and smiled his signature smirk. "I thought you'd be coming here Danny. Enjoy my little announcement?" Vlad asked, but it was more of a rhetorical question. He wasn't looking for an answer.
The ghost teen Danny seethed with anger and glared at Vlad. "Listen Plasmius, It took me a long time to get my hero reputation. I don't appreciate you telling lies about me being evil."
Vlad clasped his hands. "But Daniel, I just looovee messing with your life." he snickered.
Danny clenched his fists at his side as they started to radiate with glowing green energy. He had just about had it with Vlad. Maybe it was time to teach him a lesson.
Danny flew forward in a sudden burst of rage and lashed out at Vlad. Plasmius caught Danny by the arm quickly and flipped him over to pin him to the ground by the shoulders. "Get. Off!" Danny screamed, squirming.
"Come now boy, haven't you learned by now that you're no match for me?" Vlad smirked again, making Danny freeze and narrow his eyes. He had had it with Vlad's smirks, and the way he always treated him like child.
Danny heaved upward and pushed Vlad off of him.
"Take this V-Man!!" He screamed, blasting a powerful toxic green ghost ray at Vlad. It hit his chest and sent the man backwards into the brick wall of his mansion.
Vlad got up seemingly unharmed, though the mansion was not as lucky. The wall had a gaping hole with grey, stone bricks scattered around on the sidewalk.
The man chuckled. Danny couldn't see what was so funny. "Come on boy, lashing out at me in anger? And you say that you're nothing like me." Vlad took a step forward, making him stagger back in response. "I-I'm not!"
"You're just like me." He continued forward until they were standing in the middle of the road. In the distance the sun was sinking below the horizon in a ball of orange flames.
"I. Am. Nothing. Like. You!" Danny yelled.
Surging forward, he put all of the power he had into one punch. Unfortunately, though, that wasn't enough. Vlad caught Danny by the arm, and flung him roughly to the side.
A loud thud was heard as Danny was slammed into the wall.
He fell to the concrete...

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Date: 10/14/14 3:47 AM
From: LunaDiana

HOORAY!!!!!!!! I ain't alone! :D Welcome to the club! ^^

I draw Danny and Violet.... Violet's another OC... ^^
Violet: I can't draw to save my life.... Plus, drawing my own would be weird.... :D I invent ghost hunting weapons for fun



Date: 10/13/14 4:00 PM
From: StarPaw007

Dear magicstar4,
I have... a silent reader?! 0.0
*hugs you tightly*
Now Luna isn't alonnneeee!
Are you Luna??
Thank you so much for breaking your silent character to comment. :3

Dear Luna,
YOU DRAW DANNNYY???? 0.0 I can't believe it!!!
And you too Violet? WE SHOULD MAKE A CLUB!


Date: 10/12/14 10:14 PM
From: magicstar4

...major silent reader here. I just wanted to say that I really love your story! The way you portray all the characters takes me back of watching the show all over! I just wanted to say keep on writing because you have a another fan around the corner!



Date: 10/07/14 12:35 AM
From: LunaDiana

Me: No problemo. Aww.. *~* Please do finish this! And you draw Danny, too?! I draw him all the time! :D
Violet: A-and me too...
Me: Another OC of Danny Phantom...
Danny: Hi Violet!
Violet: O_O H-hi...
Me: I don't know why I like making them kids of D-
Danny: Of who?!
Me: 0_0 Y-you.. *memory wipes Danny* Yeah, she's a good ghost hunter. She takes after her grandparents, really likes inventing her own weapons...
Violet: O_O Enough about me!
Me: Fine... Can't wait until the next chapter!

Date: 10/06/14 6:33 AM
From: StarPaw007

Dear Luna,
I'm so happy you enjoyed it. :,D
That's the only thing keeping this story going right now. ^^
I haven't been much into writing lately.. not really inspired.
But I'll finish this story. One chapter at a time...
Danny: "You take too long to post the chapters! It will take too long to finish!"
Me: "Quiet you!"
Don't listen to him... 0.0

I've recently gotten back into drawing Danny Phantom again. :3 Maybe one day I should make a comic...


Date: 10/05/14 10:20 PM
From: LunaDiana


I remember my first day on here, I read your fanfics. I liked the Gravity Falls crossover best.

Kimi: I liked your double with PUPPY.
Shaun: Eh... Don't remember none.
Faith: I liked the amount of work you did with the Ultimate Spiderman crossover.
Mika: I like this one!
Mika: O_O Too much capslock....
Kimi: I'm gonna swing from the chandelier, from the chandelier!
Mika: I don't advise it....
Me: Oh no you AIN'T gonna swing from nothing, young lady!
Kimi: You're no fun!


Date: 10/03/14 6:52 PM
From: StarPaw007

Aww D: I don't wanna write anymore *sobs*
BUT! I must. For you guys... Okay.. for Luna. :3 You're the only one who reads this anyways
Poor Benjamin..

PART 16, (Danny)
Danny was in a good mood. Ever since they had moved Vlad seemed a bit less tense than usual. He was even letting Danny go into town all by himself.
For the teenager, just seeing the old man so relaxed was enough to get him in high spirits. Holding a crumpled grocery list in his hand, Danny made his way down the small town streets. But his thoughts were interrupted by shouting.
"No! Not Abraham! I already got rid of Benjamin, what more do you want from me, Sam?!"
The raven haired boy glanced over at the source of the voice. It was coming from the opposite side of the street. A guy with a pair of thick rimmed glasses was waving his arms around wildly while at his side was a Gothic girl, arm's crossed and mouth stretching downward in a scowl of annoyance.
"Five dollars is no big deal Tucker, I'll pay you back." the girl replied. Her friend's face contorted into a horrified expression. "You couldn't possibly be suggesting that my precious Abraham is replaceable?!"
The girl, who must have been the Sam he'd heard mentioned earlier, just shook her head. Her short black hair bounced back and forth causing Danny to realize just how beautiful she was.
Her eyes caught his, those amethyst eyes that seemed so familiar..
Her expression transformed slowly from annoyance to astonishment, hand quickly going to cover her mouth and stifle the gasp that came from her throat. "Danny?!" She yelled over to him.
The halfa tensed as his name came from the mouth of a girl he didn't know. Not bothering to check for traffic, though there never was any, the girl ran across the road and, before Danny could escape, she wrapped her arms around him in a rib crushing embrace.
"We were so worried! Tucker and I thought you were kidnapped and that we would never see you again!!" The girl screamed loudly, tears already on the brink of falling. Danny didn't want to be rude, but he was honestly creeped out by the situation, so he carefully wiggled out of the Sam's embrace.
"I'm sorry, but do I know you?" Danny asked, an eyebrow quirked in question.
The girl's eyes widened and she chuckled a bit to herself. "You're... joking right? Because this isn't funny Danny, it really isn't."
The raven haired boy just shook his head and replied "I don't know you."
As he turned around to head back home, a hand grabbed the sleeve of his shirt. "Wait. Where are you going?" Sam's asked quietly.
"Home.." he shrugged off her hand.
Sam let in a sharp intake of breath as she clasped her hands together, holding them up to her chest in shock. "But... this isn't your home! Back in Amity Park.. that's your home, Danny!" The sadness in her voice was quickly replaced with rage. "Or have you forgotten that?!"
Amity Park... Those two words caught Danny's attention. Isn't that where he came from?
Back in that mansion where he had first met Vlad... wasn't that in Amity Park?
How could this Sam, this girl who Danny was sure he'd never met, know where he came from? He turned around to face the angered goth.
By this time the other boy, temporarily forgotten, had walked up to stand next to Sam. "Dude, what's going on with you?" He asked, placing his hands on the goth girl's shoulders in an attempt of comfort. But she quickly shook them off.
His gaze swiveled back and forth between the two strangers. But were they really strangers? Was he so sure that he'd never met them before?
They knew his name, they knew where he had lived...
"You don't.. remember us, do you?" The goth girl spoke up, a hint of understanding in her voice.
Time stopped. It seemed like Danny was frozen in place. Like he was completely separated from the world, and all that existed were the three of them.
Closing his eyes he tried to steady his crumbling reality. Everything he knew was falling apart. He couldn't be sure about anything anymore... confusion and an undeniable feeling of helplessness overtook him.
It seemed like an eternity before Danny could answer. Just one word, a word that seemed to break away the ground that they all stood on.

Sorry it's so short ^^


Date: 10/02/14 10:08 PM
From: LunaDiana

come back, you can blame it all on me...~ Swiffer commercials

Date: 09/27/14 1:54 PM
From: LunaDiana


Hi. Please continue this!


Date: 09/13/14 10:58 PM
From: StarPaw007

HELLO?!?!?! Anyone still here?!

Date: 09/10/14 5:59 PM
From: StarPaw007

YAY! We can post again!
Thanks Nick ^^

Date: 08/14/14 11:15 PM
From: LunaDiana

lol I remember that episode! XD And you're right, there are considerably less fanfics than last year when I first joined. Oh well....

Good job on the chapter!



Date: 08/14/14 3:35 PM
From: StarPaw007

I've been watching a lot of anime recently... Just finished my favorite one, so I'm really sad. ):
Gosh it was hard to concentrate while writing this..

PART 15, (Sam)
"Okay, Tucker. Mind explaining how sneaking into the mayor's office is such a great idea again?" Sam swiveled her head around nervously, keeping an eye out for anyone.
"Like sneaking into a high security government research facility was any better." The techno geek scoffed. "Now just quit your complaining and go look for those documents. Someone's bound to notice that the cameras aren't working. We don't have all night."
Sam stuck her tongue out in annoyance. They went to Axion Labs because she was sure they'd find something important. Which they did. But they didn't know if they'd find anything at city ha-
"I think I found something!" Tucker whispered loudly, interrupting Sam's thoughts.
Of course..
Despite Sam's annoyance, she walked up and placed a hand on Tucker's shoulder, leaning forward. "What?"
Tucker shifted his glasses, clearing his throat and smirking. "Nothing much. Just something that'll tell us where Danny is."
Sam raised an eyebrow in question, turning her attention to the computer screen. "Wait.." Sam yelled in disbelief after reading the document. "They're where?!"

Together the two friends made a plan. "Have fun on your camping trip, Sweetie!" Tucker's mom cooed, earning an embarrassed groan from her child. He always hated it when she did that because Sam would always laugh.
She stayed silent though. Poor Sam... She must really miss Danny...
"Soo.." Tucker shifted the backpack so it hung over one shoulder comfortably. "Ever consider gettin' together with you-know-who?"
Tucker noticed that the goth's face was turning a deep shade of crimson. "Who? I don't have anyone I like." Her voice cracked through the obvious lie. Tucker scoffed. The problem about both of his friends were that they were stubborn as a mule. It seemed they would never admit their feelings for each other.. maybe not even to themselves.
"So let's go over the plan, since we have some spare time on our hands." Sam suggested, picking up the pace.
Tucker had his parents drive close to where Vlad moved. They were a couple miles from the nearest town, where they'd be staying. Even though he'd told his parents they were going camping.
They were going to stay in a motel for the night, and go to Vlad's in the morning.
Tucker unconsciously clutched the lipstick laser in his pocket at the thought of the half-ghost. They'd beaten him countless times, but always with major difficulty. He hoped that Danny was alright.. and that he could possibly help them defeat Vlad.
Tucker wasn't looking forward to picking a fight with him.

When the two reached the motel, Sam ordered a room at the desk while Tucker rummaged through his bag for his wallet. "My poor Benjamin. He doesn't deserve to be given to a stranger. He'll miss me." Tears streamed down the geek's face at the thought of being separated from his money. "Tucker, Benjamin deserves to be with someone who won't smother him every second." Sam reached her hand out for the money, and Tucker gave it up. With much difficulty on his part.
"Enjoy your stay." the receptionist said, raising an eyebrow in question at the techno geek's behavior.
The two walked to their room while Sam tried to console Tucker, patting his back. "He was sacrificed for a good cause."
"But I miss him so much!" he sobbed.
Sam rolled her eyes in annoyance at Tucker's behavior. "Let's just go to bed, okay? The sooner we do that, the sooner we can wake up. Save Danny. And go home."
Tucker nodded. She was right... But that didn't mean he was any less upset about Benjamin.


Date: 08/14/14 3:08 PM
From: StarPaw007

I'm working on the next part right now! ^^
It's been forever... D:
I can see there's not as many fanfictions as there used to be...

Date: 07/02/14 8:46 AM
From: brawlfall2

Hey, can I give you an idea?

Danny meets a lonely girl named Kaitlyn Borg, but she turns out to be half-robot.


Date: 06/15/14 9:08 PM
From: LunaDiana

Random phrase of the day: Danny's unfinished calendar from season 3... Another idea! :)



Date: 06/04/14 3:01 AM
From: cheesu

it was amasing

Date: 06/01/14 3:33 PM
From: LunaDiana

Thanks for accepting my ideas. Sorry about the wait, my mom confiscated my tablet... Continue this soon.



Date: 05/30/14 8:42 PM
From: Emberstar2


Date: 05/26/14 1:17 PM
From: StarPaw007

Dear LunaDiana,
Huh. Wow. Whenever I thought of me writing one-shots, I always thought of serious one-shots. But funny ones? I totally overlooked that possibility. :3 I'll have to remember to never underestimate the randomness of writing!
Danny dancing in a maid outfit it is!!