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Amnesia (Reposted... again..

Date: 09/30/13 4:55 PM
From: StarPaw007

PART 1, (Danny)

The ghost boy flew over a busy city called Amity Park. His fists clenched at his sides, and his eyes glowed bright.
A few people below shouted up and pointed at the sky where he flew, but he tried to ignore them. This is all Plasmius' fault! the teen thought.
A newspaper riding the wind slammed into the ghost boy's face. He pulled it off in annoyance, and tossed it to the side. Letting it flutter down to the ground, or follow the wind's path to who-knows-where.
He already knew what the headlines said. He didn't want to read them again.
Ghost Boy once again declared Amity Park's number one ghost enemy by our beloved mayor, Vlad Masters.
He chuckled to himself quietly. It was more out of anger than anything else. He was on his way to give Masters a visit, and to 'talk'.
He turned down the street of his arch enemy, flying a bit faster. The ghost boy came slowly to a stop, then paused for a second in the air as a cold chill went down his spine and through his body. His ghost sense came out in a blue wisp of breath, which told the ghost boy that Vlad was indeed home.
Frowning the ghost boy waited. Sure enough Vlad Plasmius himself came outside in his ghost form. He had obviously been expecting the teen, and smiled his signature smirk. "I thought you'd be coming here Danny. Enjoy my little announcement?" Vlad asked, but it was more of a rhetorical question. He wasn't looking for an answer.
The ghost teen Danny seethed with anger and glared at Vlad. "Listen Plasmius, It took me a long time to get my hero reputation. I don't appreciate you telling lies about me being evil."
Vlad clasped his hands. "But Daniel, I just looovee messing with your life." he snickered.
Danny clenched his fists at his side as they started to radiate with glowing green energy. He had just about had it with Vlad. Maybe it was time to teach him a lesson.
Danny flew forward in a sudden burst of rage and lashed out at Vlad. Plasmius caught Danny by the arm quickly and flipped him over to pin him to the ground by the shoulders. "Get. Off!" Danny screamed, squirming.
"Come now boy, haven't you learned by now that you're no match for me?" Vlad smirked again, making Danny freeze and narrow his eyes. He had had it with Vlad's smirks, and the way he always treated him like child.
Danny heaved upward and pushed Vlad off of him.
"Take this V-Man!!" He screamed, blasting a powerful toxic green ghost ray at Vlad. It hit his chest and sent the man backwards into the brick wall of his mansion.
Vlad got up seemingly unharmed, though the mansion was not as lucky. The wall had a gaping hole with grey, stone bricks scattered around on the sidewalk.
The man chuckled. Danny couldn't see what was so funny. "Come on boy, lashing out at me in anger? And you say that you're nothing like me." Vlad took a step forward, making him stagger back in response. "I-I'm not!"
"You're just like me." He continued forward until they were standing in the middle of the road. In the distance the sun was sinking below the horizon in a ball of orange flames.
"I. Am. Nothing. Like. You!" Danny yelled.
Surging forward, he put all of the power he had into one punch. Unfortunately, though, that wasn't enough. Vlad caught Danny by the arm, and flung him roughly to the side.
A loud thud was heard as Danny was slammed into the wall.
He fell to the concrete...

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Date: 03/13/14 6:42 PM
From: StarPaw007

*clears throat* It's been a month... Well.. this is awkward.
I don't have any explanation. Just didn't wanna write. .. Because I'm lazy... and I quit everything....
Anyone else wish they could play piano? Or is that just me??

PART 12, (Danny)
"Hey Vladdie." Danny leaned his head over Vlad's shoulder and looked at what he was working on. "More mayor stuff?" the boy asked. Vlad turned his head slightly to smile at him. "Unfortunately." Danny laughed. "Can you take a break? I wanna work on my hand-to-hand combat." he had abandoned his attempts at duplication. Vlad told him that it would come to him in time, when the power was ready to be mastered.
The man sighed "I don't know..." he teased. "Please??" Danny begged. The teen was satisfied when Vlad got up from his chair and lifted his arms over his head in a stretch. "I suppose I could turn away from my work for a few minutes." Vlad's eyes sparkled playfully.
Danny gave a little jump from excitement and started to run towards the training room. "Come on Old Man!"

(Vulture Leader)
"Do you think vey vill find the ghost boy?" One of the vultures wondered aloud.
"What?" another asked.
"What?? What is that?"
The first vulture tried to keep from whacking his partner upside the head with one of his wings. "Idiots!" the leader whispered loudly. "Quiet, both of you!" he hit them both upside the head. "Ow. Vat vas that for?" the first vulture whined. "For almost blowing our cover." the leader replied harshly. He couldn't see how he had worked alongside these two for as long as he had. "He can't even hear me. Vee need to get him a hear-vaid." the first vulture defended himself. "Or it could be because of that thick accent of yours. Now quit whining and get back to work!" the leader ordered briskly. He sighed. These two were helpless without him. If he weren't keeping them on track, they'd get absolutely nowhere.
They were spying on the halfa's two friends. The leader couldn't see what Vlad saw so threatening in these two, but orders were orders. He didn't want to think of what would happen if they failed..
Shivering, he looked down from the building they were perched on. "Come on boys." he called back to his much less competent partners. Not waiting to see if they had heard him, the leader took a leap off of the ledge he was balancing on. He waited no more than half a second before he unfurled his green, flaming wings. Each stroke of them bringing him higher into the air. Chancing a glance back he spotted the other two close behind.
They turned themselves invisible so they wouldn't be spotted. Though they looked young and helpless, the leader knew from experience they were just as capable as fighting ghosts as the ghost boy was.
"Okay." he whispered to his two partners. "They're on the move."
They followed the kids as they rode on their scooters throughout town. Luckily they didn't seem to be suspecting Vlad of having the boy. Or, if they did, they weren't searching Vlad's house at the moment.

"All righty boys." the leader sighed after he saw the girl stumble into her house about two hours later. "Let's go home."
With that they made a wide arc and turned around to head for home...

"I can't believe we still couldn't find him last night.." Sam pushed the salad around on her tray, too upset to even think of eating. "We'll find him." Tucker assured her. "Don't we always?"
Sam sighed and nodded reluctantly, though she still had a bad feeling. "I think someone might have taken him.." she whispered.
Tucker didn't speak, so Sam looked up from her tray to see him rubbing his imaginary beard. "Yeah, probably." he agreed slowly. "But who could have kidnapped him?"
They looked at each other, waiting for the other to speak first. "Well..." Sam spoke up after a moment of silence went on far too long to be comfortable. "There's always the Guys in White."
"And Skulker." Tucker added.
"And Vlad.." Sam said.
"Or Valerie."
Sam slammed her fist down on the table, causing both trays to bounce up and cause a loud clattering noise. "Dangit, it could be any of them!" she hissed. "Then-" Sam looked up to see Tucker. "-we'll just have to speak to every one that could have taken him." Tucker finished his sentence, and took a satisfied sip off of his soda. "Yeah.." Sam agreed, smirking. "Oh, I know that grin." Tucker leaned in excitedly. "I love that grin... when you're not thinking about hurting me." Tucker added quickly.
Sam chuckled evilly. "Whoever took Danny is going to regret it."

"My reflection sometimes reminds me. In that image was I born? Technically I'm enhanced they tell me. From their minds my existence born.." ~RA


Date: 02/25/14 1:53 PM
From: waterspout

Waterspout out

Date: 02/24/14 8:13 PM
From: LunaDiana


I think she will get the message now. Just POST already! PLEASE!!!!!!!!



Date: 02/24/14 3:29 PM
From: waterspout

O... M... G
This is... It is... AWESOME!!!!!!! Please please write more I need the next part like I need water (so thirsty)!!! Pleas post more soon. Got to go Bye!
Waterspout out

Date: 02/13/14 8:40 PM
From: StarPaw007

Hello guys. Yep, I guess I am officially the laziest writer on the planet ...
I just never feel like writing. But you guys (LunaDiana) wanted to see Sam so... *smirks* Why not??

PART 11, (Sam)
"Tucker, Will you just CONCENTRATE??" Sam demanded irritably, annoyance clear in her voice. "I know Sam, I know." Sam bet he was rolling his eyes. "Now's NOT the time to make jokes." she stated.
Sam was pacing around in her room. It had been over a week, A WEEK since Danny had disappeared. They checked everywhere, even in the Ghost Zone.
Things weren't looking good. And Tucker had to nerve to sit on the phone and makes jokes. "Come on Sam, admit it. The joke was pretty funny." if Tucker were there he probably would have been nudging his elbow in her ribs... so thank goodness they were talking on the phone. "Um frankly, no. It wasn't."
Seriously? Sam thought in the back of her head "Hey he's a ghost. Ghosts have a tendency to disappear." that's not even funny.
Sam heard Tucker let out a defeated sigh from the other end. "Look Sam, I miss him too and I'm as worried as you are. I'm just trying to lighten up the mood."
He was right, which he seldom was.. Sam sat down on her bed, and lay her head in her hands, the phone now resting on her dark, silky covers. "I'm sorry.." she mumbled, voice cracking slightly as she fought back tears. Sam was strong, and wasn't the type to cry. But when it came to Danny... She just couldn't stand the thought if anything bad had happened to him.
"Oh gosh, you're crying aren't you?" Tucker gasped. "I. Am. Not." Sam pouted.
"Okay, Okay." Sam pictured Tucker holding up his hands in defeat, knowing well not to mess with her, especially when she was already ticked off about something. "If it'll make you feel better we can do another sweep around the town." Tucker offered "Maybe we'll be lucky and find Danny passed out in an alleyway or something."
Sam got up from her bed, grabbed the phone, and answered with a simple "Sure.."
But of course finding him in an alleyway would be to easy.

"So, they're still not ceasing their futile attempts to find Danny?" Vlad questioned. He had just heard from one of his vulture minions that Sam and Tucker, those were their names he believed, were doing another sweep of the town, more than likely looking for their lost friend. "No, Sir. I have a feeling they could come to be a real problem." the minion with the raspy voice stated. Vlad folded his hands and calmly assessed the situation. "As long as they don't come snooping around my mansion, or get suspicious of me, I believe it will be fine. Besides if Daniel were to ever find out that I be rid of two teens, he wouldn't trust me anymore. At least as much as he does now." which brought the man back to one of the most important situations at hand. That little Skulker incident was not a good sign. "More importantly, the boy is becoming restless. I don't know how many more excuses I can make to keep him inside and away from everyone. " Vlad sighed and rubbed his temples. Perhaps he was getting too old for this.
"I'll have to get the new house done as soon as possible." Vlad said, mostly to himself than the ghost bird floating in front of his desk. "And as for you." he glanced at said ghost. "Keep an eye on those two teens. Make sure they don't figure out that Daniel is staying here with me. If they were to talk to him-..." Vlad's sentence cut off, for he did not want to think of Danny being reminded of his past. Then everything would have been for nothing, and the boy would hate him once more.
He needed to make sure the boy loved him. He was like a son. Vlad wanted it to stay that way...

Well, there you have it, this part is finished. I hope it was okay, I feel there were a lot of mistakes. -___-
Poor Vladdie, everything seems to be going wrong. Those ghost vultures better do their job right. Hmm, I wonder if Danny is gonna wanna sneak out again after that Skulker incident? Haha, probably not. Poor Amnesia Danny, he is scarred for his life (that he can't remember).



Date: 01/30/14 5:57 PM
From: zaru

Cool paragraph StarPaw, you're so good at writing!
Your story almost disappeared! ! !
You watch Toboscus? Cool! My brother and I like Tobuscus too!

Hi!!! I remember you too! It was fun helping you with Danny Phantom and...ULTIMATE SPIDERMAN??!
...too bad it got deleted.
Anyway, Hi!!! Nice to see you too!!


Date: 01/29/14 6:53 PM
From: LunaDiana




Date: 01/28/14 9:14 PM
From: 23horses

I really hope Danny gets his memory back soon. I can't wait to see more!

Date: 01/27/14 9:11 PM
From: StarPaw007

Welcome Zaru :D

Oh gosh I have a Tobuscus song stuck in meh head 0___0 "I'm on the wayuh, when to mah surpriauh, under the tray... the presents are opahn!"

LAST TIME: Vlad was right. Danny thought. I should have just stayed in the mansion....
(Man, I'm really digging these LAST TIME things :D)

PART 10, (Danny)
Danny tried to yank his arm away but Skulker had a firm grip. Note to self: Danny thought Don't fight anymore ghost robots...
Danny found that by making jokes, it made him feel a bit better. Skulker held up the glowing object. "Any last words ghost child?" he asked, deep voice booming. "Uh..." the teen struggled for another joke to say "You should.. get a ... girlfriend?" he squeaked.
The ghost burst out laughing. "Uhh?" Skulker's face went serious once more. "I do have a girlfriend." he smirked.
"Now, time to-"
"GET AWAY FROM HIM!!" a yell, a blur of black and white, then Danny realized Skulker wasn't holding his arm anymore. Danny rubbed his sore wrist. Who was that? He thought to himself. The person who saved him was no where in sight, and neither was Skulker. He decided he should seize this opportunity, and flew as fast as he could back to the mansion.

Danny shut the door as quietly as he could, and creeped back through the hallway to-
"Did you have fun?" Vlad's cold voice made the boy jump out of his skin. Metaphorically.. anyways..
"Uh,... V-vlad! Hey! I was just.. getting.. the mail?" Danny offered.
Vlad was standing in the living room, his shoes tapping on the floor impatiently. "Oh?" he questioned. "You weren't out.. oh shall I say... fighting ghosts were you?"
Danny's face lost all color. He was so busted.., "I'm sorry I just-" Vlad held up a hand to silence him. "What did I say about leaving the house? It's much too dangerous!" the man's voice was rising steadily "You could have been hurt!" he yelled, making the guilty teen flinch. "I just wanted to.." his quiet voice trailed off.
"To what??" Vlad accused. Danny shifted uncomfortably under his glare.
Vlad sighed and rubbed his eyes tiredly. "Lucky for you, I was there to help you. How do you think I felt, waking up and finding you weren't anywhere in the house?"
Danny sighed. He was right... as always.. "I'm sorry..." he mumbled, and continued to stare at the floor. "Next time think before you act." Vlad instructed. "Okay.." Danny agreed. "Now you should get some sleep.."
Danny nodded and headed to his room feeling defeated...
StarPaw, (wow, I'm sorry this is so short. I thought it was longer when I wrote it...)


Date: 01/26/14 8:24 PM
From: LunaDiana

Hey! I remember you helping me with that fanfic "Danny Phatom..... AND ULTIMATE SPIDERMAN?!?" ! Nice to hear from you!!

-_- Please just say SOMETHING!!!! ANYTHING!!!!! Post a chapter maybe? Por favor? PLEASE! This is a good fanfic. Don't let this one die because you think it's "Bleh". I know MINE usually are, or I don't post them because I would lose interest. DO NOT LET THAT HAPPEN TO YOU! AGAIN! Please?



Date: 01/26/14 5:28 PM
From: zaru

It's awesome here!
I'm Alicine I'm new!!!
I have cousins! Ha!


Date: 01/26/14 5:22 PM
From: zaru

This is awesome! ! !
Make more!!!

Date: 01/17/14 9:42 PM
From: Emberstar2

O_O omg... EPIC!

Date: 01/13/14 2:04 AM
From: LunaDiana


Btw, Nice chappie.




Date: 01/12/14 9:22 PM
From: StarPaw007

Sorry guys, had a LOT of homework.

LAST TIME: Vlad was glued to the TV. "Oh, should I give you and the TV some alone time together?" Danny chuckled. ...


PART 9, (Danny)
Danny reached for the doorknob, turning it until a seemingly loud click was heard. He flinched at the sound, hoping it didn't wake Vlad. When there was no sign that the man had awoke, Danny opened the heavy door, it creaked as it moved. Would it hurt him to put some oil on this thing?! Danny thought. He looked around quickly, then bolted out the door.
He shut it behind him, and he suddenly wondered why he hadn't simply gone ghost and phased out of the house... "That would have been, well.. sneakier.." Danny said to himself, raising an eyebrow at his own stupidity. Ah well, it had turned out fine anyways.
Danny took a quick survey of the place around him. The mansion behind him was black in the night, but the streets ahead were bright from the lights. Danny transformed into his ghost form, and took off into the air. He hadn't been able to try flying in such an open space yet.
Danny still wasn't the best at flying, but he was good enough to not fall out of the sky.
More than a couple of times...
But that was beside the point. He was outside! Though the mansion was huge, it made Danny feel extremely claustrophobic.
It wasn't after much time though, that a familiar spine-chilling feeling came through the ghost teen, which interrupted his midnight flight. He gasped. Isn't that what Vlad called a ghost sense? Great... Oh he knew he should have just stayed in the mansion! Well, no time to back out now. I got myself into this mess, I'm sure I can get myself out... Danny assured himself. At least, he hoped so..
"Greetings Whelp." A deep voice said from behind him. Danny turned around quickly at the sound, jumping a foot into the air. If you're wondering how that's possible when you're already flying, well apparently it is..
Danny held back an squeal of surprise. Thankfully. That would have been extremely unheroic. "Who are you?" he asked, turning his head to the side slightly in confusion. What stood, well.. er floated... before him was what appeared to be some kind of robotic ghost. Instead of hair, he had a mohawk made out of green flames. "You realize you're on fire, right?" Danny stated. "Of course I am, fool!" the ghost bellowed. "I'm Skulker! THE GHOST ZONE'S GREATEST HUNTER! You'd think I'd actually have real hair?"
Danny rubbed the back of his neck shyly. "Well frankly... yes."
The robotic ghost, AKA Skulker, AKA The Ghost Zone's Greatest Hunter crossed his arms. "Why are you even questioning my sense of style NOW Prey?"
So, Danny thought I guess I know this ghost...
"Er, well..." he didn't know how to put this... "I guess I just don't remember you?" Danny squeaked.
There was a pause that seemed to last a life-time of only Danny and Skulker staring at each other. Then, suddenly, Skulker did a double take and started to laugh. "HAHAHA! You can't be serious. This must be some kind of HAHAHA... Joke! HAHA!"
Danny took offense to that "It's not funny." he pouted. "I'm being absolutely serious."
Skulker suddenly stopped, and went quiet. He straightened up, to stare at his prey. Much to Danny's discomfort. "What?" He asked.
"I'm guessing you don't remember how to control your powers properly?" Skulker questioned. Danny didn't like where this was going, at all. "Uh, w-why?"
Skulker gave an evil smirk, much scarier than the one blue ghost who tried to attack Danny when he'd first woken up after losing his memory. "I'm going to enjoy your screams, ghost child." Skulker chuckled as a glowing blade appeared from where his hand once was.
"Wait, STOP STOP STOP STOP!" Danny screamed. He tried to escape, but Skulker took a hold of his arm. "GET OFF OF ME! PLEASE!"
He was forgetting to act heroic, by now he was in full panic mode.
Vlad was right. Danny thought. I should have just stayed in the mansion....


Date: 01/08/14 10:37 AM
From: Devshipper

:D adventure time... The show that can't take itself seriously. Wow.. COME ON POST ANOTHER CHAPPIE!!!! PLEASE!!!!



Date: 01/08/14 6:48 AM
From: StarPaw007

Dear loudkit,
HAHA! I know right? :D I just HAD to put it in there! I also had a reference to it in part seven, when Danny flipped through the channel I had all sorts of references.

News station: "Still there has been no sign of Amity Park's hero Dann-"
Danny's thoughts: "Booooorrriiinngg..."
(wait, now he loves the news? o___o that doesn't make sense if he thought it was boring... OMG look at me, changing the opinions of Danny XD)

Titanic: "I'll never let go Jack..."
Danny's thoughts: "Too dramatic..."
(Danny, how could you. *punches* I LOVE the Titanic!!)

Dragon Ball Z: "It's over 9,000!!!"
Danny's thoughts: "Too unrealistic..."
(You're half ghost, and you think alien people with monkey tails are unrealistic?)

Adventure Time: "I love you, everything burrito..."
Danny's Thoughts: "A talking dog? So unoriginal..."


Dear Romy,
Glad you liked it ^^ I hafta remember to add more comedy to these fan-fics. LESS DRAMA PEOPLE! *grabs Danny by his shirt* DON'T BE SO DRAMATIC!.. thank you.
Danny: "Help me. She's crazy."


Date: 01/07/14 7:23 PM
From: Romy0

I loved the reference towards "Adventure Time". I laughed hysterically at that part, because it was so true.



Date: 01/07/14 10:56 AM
From: loudkit

OMG ME AND DANNY HAVE THE SAME OPINION ABOUT ADVENTURE TIME!!! XD im sorry i just couldnt stop laughing at that moment. first i thought danny would like it, but when i saw that quote, "im not gonna watch a cartoon that cant even take itself seriously." i just couldnt stop laughing!!!

Date: 01/05/14 8:28 PM
From: 23horses

Ok, just wondering. Can't wait to see what the next part will be.