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Danny Phantom: Returning At Last!

Date: 11/27/13 3:38 PM
From: ectoenergy

Hey guys! It's EctoEnergy here! I know I haven't been up on the boards in a REALLY long time, but I just have to say that Danny Phantom IS coming back! It HAS to be!

So basically, here's the news. Butch Hartman has been acting suspicious whenever asked about Danny Phantom. He either responds with a vague answer or avoids the question completely. Then David Kauffman posted a pic of a DP carved Pumpkin. Another thing is that Butch Hartman has been talking about a Danny Phantom movie villain and signing DP autographs. Not to mention that he's posted a recent drawing of DP and drawn himself in DP -style! There have also been many hints in both T.U.F.F. Puppy and Fairly Odd Parents; especially the Poltergeist episode! (keep an eye on those!)

But what I found today REALLY convinces me. So the background on one of his websites always changes according to what episode he is into or is airing- and guess what his background is now???!!!! Yep, DANNY PHANTOM!!!! Isn't this AWESOME??!!

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Date: 04/11/14 1:08 PM
From: iceskate

omg!!!!!!!!!!!! I love danny phantom! and icarly! im new yes ecto eneregy

Date: 03/30/14 8:27 PM
From: joshuag8


Date: 03/29/14 9:16 AM
From: brawlfall2

May The B.'s Be With You
Kaitlyn B. has to help Sam, Jazz, and Maddie fight off The Lunch Lady, Spectra, Ember, Desiree, Kitty, Box Lunch and their leader Sepict Newer while Tucker, Jonathan B, Sanny, Danny, and Jack are at the Sears Tower and they get terrified of Skulker, Technus, Vlad, Fright Night, Spinocto N, so they contact Jonathan N to help them.

Date: 03/15/14 9:35 PM
From: anthrax66

I think he said something along the lines of "funny you should ask that" in response to asking if it's coming back.

Date: 03/12/14 6:55 PM
From: brawlfall2

CopyMaker: (In real story, this is Sanny's first episode)
Vlad makes clones of Danny after Sanny built his lab underground. Danny is asleep in this episode. Electro-Danny is the leader of the clones. Electro-Danny takes his team(Rock-Danny, Fire-Danny,Ice-Danny, and Cyberdan) to the underground lab.. Danny wakes up from his sleep and he takes Electro-Danny and Cyberdan to an underground headquarters . Electro-Danny blasts Sanny in the back and defeats him. Sam and Tucker come and suck Sanny into the Fenton Thermos.

Timmy Turner makes an appearance as a clone.
Cyberdan is a reference to my fanfic Return Of The Overlord


Date: 03/04/14 2:28 AM
From: GollaG

DK just did another one too, someone asked him, "I've heard rumors about DP coming back, would you like to comment?"
And that little troll responded, "Yes I would like to comment."
I don't know weather to laugh or bang my head on the table, this is driving me crazy!

Date: 02/28/14 5:55 PM
From: brawlfall2

Ninjago: Masters of Phantomisu 1: Danny/Kai Power Die!
Danny gets captured by ninja and is told he needs to help them fight Sanny and Over-borg while Cole, possesed by the Overlord, plans to destroy Ninjago and Amity Park.
Ninjago: Masters of Phantomisu 2: Sam/ Jay Power Fight
Danny is returned to Amity Park when Sam, Jazz, Maddie, and Valerie help Nya fight Cole until Danny returns with Vlad to stop Sanny.
Ninjago: Masters of Phantomisu 3: Tucker, Danny, and Vlad vs. Cole
Danny, Vlad, Tucker, Sam, Jack, Maddie, Valerie, and Jazz are helping Kai, Jay, Zane, and Lloyd fight Cole. Sanny and The Ninjadroids destroy the Phantom Cycle and the newly hacked Phantom Mech. Danny and Vlad defeat Cole.

Date: 02/27/14 8:49 PM
From: vghujnn


Date: 02/21/14 5:07 PM
From: brawlfall2

In The Future....
Sanny's father goes into the past to stop Vlad from taking over his sons mind. Danny, Tucker, Sam, Jazz, Maddie, and Jack are in a fight with Skulker and Sanny, while Desiree is in a fight with Valerie.

Telekenisis Fight
Danny and Sanny were in school when Cujo the ghost dog returns. Sanny, Danny, and Valerie go outside and fight the ghost dog together. Sanny uses his new telekenisis powers to throw Danny, Valerie, and the ghost dog in the ghost zone.

Ronguys: The Adventures Of Sanny Newer
Danny realized that all the enemies he and Sanny fought are working together. Sanny and Danny, with help from Jazz and Sam have to rescue Tucker and Paulina From them or the universe is in peril!


Date: 02/19/14 8:45 PM
From: deanmo19

Revenge of the Phantom Master:

The Phantom Master kidnaps Sam and Tucker and locks them in the basement in Casper High in order to infect them with Ecto-Acne after the Ecto-Acne smoke bomb goes off. Danny, Jazz (in her Hazmat suit), and Valerie find a way to rescue them in an hour before it does.

A Dental Disorder:

There's a new orthodontics wing at Casper High, but most of the students aren't very happy about it--somebody is changing the girls' smiles (including Sam's and Jazz's) into fanged teeth like vampires! Who's behind all this?

Bad Girls' Revenge:

Spectra, Ember, Kitty, and Desiree return to get their revenge and kidnap Sam, Jazz, Paulina, and Star. Will Maddie, Valerie, and Dani Phantom save them before it's too late? Meanwhile, Danny, Jack, and Tucker are at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, when they get terrified of Skulker.


Date: 02/18/14 9:21 AM
From: brawlfall2


Danny Wrecktom- Danny was cloned by Vlad again. The new clone ends up being the best clone Vlad has ever seen. Nega-Danny is the clones name. He teams up with Sanny, Desiree, and Skulker. Desiree makes it the past where Danny can see in the future. While Danny is in the future. The villains destroy the world and made it that Nega-Danny was never created and the world turned back to normal.


Date: 02/18/14 9:11 AM
From: brawlfall2

Another episode.
Sanny Returns.
After he was knocked into the ghost zone with Vlad and Desiree, Sanny returns. Sam and Danny hide in a ghost-proof bag. Sanny changes everybody into evil ghosts. Now only Danny and Sam can defeat Sanny, or the universe is in great peril!
If You Believe It, You Shall See It
Danny wishes he could see the future, and Desiree grants it for him. Danny realizes that Sanny is going to marry Sam and Danny will be in prison. Danny has got to go to the future and destroy Sanny before it's too late!

Date: 02/15/14 9:03 PM
From: deanmo19

Dany Phantom:

Sam and Tucker visit Danny, who is sick in bed, to read him a fanfic comic (written by Tucker at home) that focuses on the genderbent version of the cast of Danny Phantom.

Sam Phantom:

In a two-part special, Sam wonders what happens if she would be like Danny Phantom. When she enters the ghost portal and turns it on, then she becomes Sam Phantom, who teams up with Danny to fight down ghosts together.

Arabian Frights:

Desiree has returned to get revenge of Amity Park and turns it into an Arabian village, Casper High into a palace, Tucker into an evil sultan, Dash and Kwan into palace guards, and Paulina, Star, and Sam into harem girls. Can Danny stop her and save them?


Date: 02/15/14 8:59 AM
From: brawlfall2

Ive got some episodes!

The Ultimate Battle.
There is a new student at school named Sanoto 2ach Newer. He is a ghost-hunter and a 75% ghost. He becomes one of Danny's new friends. Sanny is mind-controlled by Vlad and starts a fight with Danny. Danny is banished into the Ghost Zone by Vlad and Sanny.They tear down all the ghost portals in the world.
Danny must find a way to get out of the Ghost Zone before Vlad turns Sam, Tucker, Dash, Kwan, Paulina, and Valerie from the whole world. Also, one thing is that the heroes in this episode are Danny, Johnny 13, and Youngblood. The villains are Sanny, Vlad, Dash, and Valerie.


Date: 02/09/14 11:37 PM
From: blubunny94

chances are if there is a season 4, it will actually pick up after phantom planet. probably as if...
A. phantom planet was all a dream and danny wakes up, and his life is as normal as normal can be... or
A.2. they continue with danny as kid but only famous so not just balancing school& ghosts but fame too OR
B. set in the future where its all 10 years in advance so he is in his mid 20s... possibly married sam and shows how he now handles having a job and ghost powers.
B.2. again future just adding possible fame (and how it may have gotten worse or died down... OR
C. "which chances are the most likely choice..." all of the above! he wakes up as a kid and thinks hes famous and flashes forward and wakes up an adult and it was all an old dream he always has and he thinks it was real from his childhood and chances are everybody was mind whipped... this would only work if they make it flash between alternate realties and have it all looped so he thinks he's crazy and has to solve the puzzle

Date: 02/05/14 2:41 AM
From: GollaG

Keep your fingers crossed! It's been quiet for a while now, and that can be either bad or good. Just keep supporting the show and BH. That's all we can do.
P.S. The entire series is out on DVD.

Date: 01/27/14 12:05 PM
From: goblue0318


Date: 01/23/14 9:20 AM
From: deanmo19

Vacation Haunt: The bus heading towards Minnesota has broke down and Danny, Sam, Tucker, Valerie, Star, Paulina, Dash, Kwan, Mr. Lancer, Ms. Tetslaff, and the students of Casper High have to stay at a nearby mansion for the night. But things go wrong when the house turns out to be haunted and returning ghost monsters Vortex, Undergrowth, and Nocturne wreck havoc and get revenge on Danny Fenton and everyone while they were sleeping. Undergrowth possesses everyone using mind vines (including Tucker), Nocturne takes control of their dreams, and Vortex ruins a night's sleep by a violent storm. If only Danny, Sam, and Valerie team up to stop them from controlling minds by Undergrowth, causing a terrible storm by Vortex, and causing nightmares to take over dreams by Nocturne...

Date: 01/22/14 5:13 PM
From: deanmo19

Here's more:

Love Rivalry: Gregor returns to Amity Park from Hungary and becomes Valerie Gray's new crush.

The Smell of Fear: While Sam gathers roses from her greenhouse and brings them for Friday's homecoming dance, a foul-smelling ghost Stinkweed terrorizes Casper High by making it smell terrible, causing the roses to wilt and forcing the school to close until further notice. Danny, Sam, Tucker, and the students, all wearing gas masks, must know how to stop him from stinking up the entire school in order to find out the solution before homecoming starts. (Note: Sam's greenhouse from "Urban Jungle" returns.)

Disaster Date: After Wasp-Sting sends his swarm of killer bees to paralyze Sam, Danny has to replace her with Star as his date while trying to stop him. (Note: We will soon learn about Star's real name. Also, Valerie and Paulina, though not having any dialogue, appear and are mentioned by Danny's choices for Sam's replacement.)


Date: 01/19/14 2:04 PM
From: deanmo19

Here's more:

Rock and Rule: Dani comes back when Ember takes control of the world again, and causes everyone (even Tucker and Jazz) to sing! (Note: This is a musical episode since Grey Delisle, Maria Canals, and Tara Strong are good singers as Sam, Paulina, and Star (but not as Ember, since her singing is provided by Robin Kimissel). Last series, neither Tucker nor Jazz is good at singing, but in this episode, they are.)

Ghost Epidemic: An illness ghost named Malignus infects everyone in school and Park with a severe cold and fever symptoms, which forces almost everyone, including Danny, Sam, Tucker, and Jazz, to wear health respirators to ward it off and fight him.