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The Mystical Heroes Series: Angels and Dragons

Date: 02/03/14 9:55 PM
From: dazooooool

Character Info #1: Angie

Name: Angellica (Angie) Persephone C.

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Hair: Curly blonde hair that extends past her shoulders

Eyes: Deep blue eyes

Wings: White angel wings that stretch out and measure a few inches shorter than her armspan. White feathers cover entirely.

Clothes: Light pink ruffle button down blouse with black Peter Pan collar, short white skirt, gray tights, and light brown shimmery flats with bows.

School uniform: Dark gray short sleeve shirt, black blazer, and plaid skirt with black penny loafers

Personality: She's basically your average angel of light: kind, sweet, nice, innocent, and good-natured, but her "good-natured" self has been worn down a little bit from putting up with her twin brother, Eragon. She's the goody-goody to end all goody-goodies. She hates when she does something wrong that could get her or does get her into trouble (I mean, once when she was 7, she was 4 seconds late to her class and she nearly burst into tears.)

Powers: flying, lying detector (but this can fail her sometimes), night vision, lightbeams, Soul Sending (MUCH later in the story)

Likes: Sunny days, warm fires, Jake Long, making new friends, spending time with her family

Dislikes: When she is left out of things, liking someone so much that it distracts her, bullies, getting sick, evil

Bio: Angie grew up in the magical dimension with her parents and her brother, Eragon. One day, Angie's parents are kidnapped, so Angie and Eragon must leave their home and live with their grandparents in Amity Park as they also begin the search to find their parents. But despite the fact that the kidnapper is the most powerful being in all of the magical dimension and there is a great chance that he might destroy her parents and take over the universes, Angie has bigger things to deal with. And by bigger things, I means boy troubles. Angie is hopelessly in love with her friend, Jake Long, who doesn't really talk to her or hang out with her as much as he does with Eragon or as much as she'd like him too. She is in quite a pickle.

I must leave for now,
but don't be sad,
don't be mad,
for I will send your way an angel.
An angel who will protect you,
who will care for you,
who will be there to comfort you.
But as much as you will need her,
she will need you as well.
So protect her,
care for her,
and comfort her,
and soon I will come back to you.


Tomorrow I will post Eragon's character information.


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Date: 04/11/14 12:34 AM
From: LunaDiana

AWW!!! It's OVER?! Oh well... now I can read about Saralyn again!! :D



Date: 04/10/14 7:38 PM
From: dazooooool

@ To my readers

Thank you for reading Angels and Dragons. In my opinion, this story is my favorite so far and it was really exciting to write and edit.

The Life of Saralyn 2: 16 and Ghostly, the third story in The Mythical Heroes Series, is coming up, so stay tuned! I'm going to take a break from posting chapters for a little bit, but I do promise that the story will be up and running sometime next week.

Are you as stoked as I am?? Because you should be!
In the meantime, keep on reading!



Date: 04/10/14 10:06 AM
From: LunaDiana

Wow! Awesome, yet expected! Continue this soon!



Date: 04/09/14 11:52 PM
From: dazooooool



Some people say that there would only be complete darkness, but actually the place I was at was a kind of pale blue. There were windows so there was sunshine spreading throughout the corners of the place. I sat there at a white and gold small slated plateau in the center of the room with jewels of all kinds decorating it. An altar of some sort. I was wearing a long, purple sparkly dress that reached the floor. Considering the scenery I was in, the dress didn't really fit, but it was still beautiful.

Suddenly, the room began to disappear. Black covered every corner faster than I could blink. I gasped and tried to run for the door, but it was already swallowed by darkness. I looked at the ground where I stood and a portal of darkness opened up below me. All around me, there was the sound of laughter and doors locking shut.

"Help me!" I cried. "Someone, please!"

I began to sink down into the darkness. I thrashed and writhed, but nothing I did improved my situation. I freed my hand and I reached out in front of me.

A hand, pale and gentle, reached out from the darkness and took hold of mine. From between our hands, a shimmering light glowed and brightened. The evil darkness vanished.

I opened my eyes. It was still dark, but it was much better than the threatening darkness that I was almost sucked into. It had a calming effect. My dress was gone, and instead I wore an unzipped maroon leather jacket with black sleeves, a pale blue shirt underneath, a short black a-line skirt, and brown riding boots.

"Hello?" I said.
"I heard you calling." a girl's voice said. "In the deepest corners of my mind, I heard you calling out for help."
"You did?"

A girl appeared from the darkness. She wore blue jeans, white sneakers, and a purple jacket with a hood that covered most of her face, but I could still see the bottom half of her face. She smiled and nodded. I expected to see a majestic creature of light appear before me, not an ordinary girl.

"You're lost, aren't you?" the girl said.
"Well... in a way, yes." I said.

The girl gestured to me and I walked alongside her in the darkness. As we walked, I could see in the distance a light. As we continued to walk, the light grew bigger and brighter. Soon, the light surrounded us, banishing the darkness. When the light subsided, we were standing on a hill.

But I recognized this hill. I recognized the city that stretched out beneath us. It was The Park. This was the hill that Danny and his friends went to. The sun was beginning to set, casting orange, gold, and pink colors across the sky. The scene was beautiful.

I felt myself getting excited. Was this real life? Did everything that happened turn out to be just a dream? Everything in me wanted to run down this hill as fast as I possibly could.

"This isn't real life." the girl said, as if she read my mind. "This is just an image implanted in my mind."
All my emotions drained out of me all at once, and I felt numb. "But... the clouds are moving and I can hear cars in the distance."
"I have a good memory."

The girl's eyes were still hidden, but I know that she was staring at me.

"What's your name?" the girl asked.
"Angie." I said.
"Angie?" the girl smiled. She walked beside me and she gazed at the view. "I know someone who told me a lot about you. I was away when he met you, and when I came back, he was practically bursting with excitement, he was wanting to tell me everything that happened while I was gone. He told me all about the adventures that he went on with you and your brother."

Eragon. I felt my heart break into pieces when I thought of him. He didn't know about me. Aside from me and my parents, no one did.

"Was that person named Jake?" I asked.
The girl shook her head. "No, sorry. Although, they did have a similar spike in their hair."

I looked at my hands clasped together. The girl looked at me.

"I can see that you've gone through a lot recently?" the girl said.
"It's like I've been in a dream for a while." I said. I lifted my head up and stared at the sunset. "But this is a dream that I know I'm not going to wake up from. Not for a long time."
The girl chuckled. "I know the feeling."

I turned to the girl.

"Can I, um??" I mumbled.
"Is it okay if I stay with you?" I asked. "At least for a little bit, until I wake up?"
"Why, sure." The girl smiled. "It's always nice to have company. You can stay with me until you feel better."
"Thank you? Oh! I never got your name!"

The girl turned towards me. She reached up and removed her hood. Underneath it, a flurry of straight brown hair tumbled down her shoulders, catching the light of the sunset rays. She looked at me with striking lavender eyes and she smiled.

"My name is Saralyn."



Date: 04/09/14 7:35 PM
From: waterspout

Yay she's not gone. Yay + now they get to go on a quest.
Waterspout out

Date: 04/09/14 6:44 PM
From: LunaDiana

NOOOOOOOO!!!!! Why?!



Date: 04/09/14 6:12 PM
From: dazooooool

Chapter 14:



I spent most of my days alone in my room. The only person that I allowed to speak to me was Jake, but I haven't seen him since the events that took place. Sure, I came back to school after summer break was over, but all I got was pity from everyone.

I didn't want their pity. What I wanted was my sister back.

"Eragon," my mom said quietly as she opened my door. "Jake is here. He wishes to speak to you."

My ears perked up and I sat straight up in my bed. My mother left and there stood Jake. Although he looked the same as when I last saw him, he looked completely different.

"Jake." I said.

I stood up. Jake closed the door behind him and held out a cream colored envelope. There was no "Hi" or "Hello" or "Yo dawg, what's crack-a-lackin' with you?" from him. Just silence except for the ripping sounds of me opening the envelope. I read the letter and my eyes widened.

"Is this... is this real?" I said.

Jake nodded. I read the letter again to make sure that what my mind was processing was correct:

"When the worlds are consumed in darkness,
Seven Mythical Heroes beings shall rise and fight.
At the end of the worlds,
evil will be overcome with light.
When you are met with the ultimate cost,
It is then you will find that you have lost."

At the bottom of the envelope, there was something written:

"I'm not gone, only lost,
Lost in a field of dreams.
I'm not dead, only sleeping,
Sleeping until I wake.
I'm not quiet, only waiting,
Waiting for you to come and find me.
All I wish for is the pain of the past to be healed
by the hope of the future.
Please make my wish come true."

"Angie! She's alive!" I said. I felt all of the sadness suddenly vanish from my body and I began to laugh for probably the first time in two months. "My sister's alive!"

I looked at Jake, expecting him to be happy as well, but his face was expressionless.

"What's wrong? This is the greatest news ever!"
"Are you forgetting what's written first?" Jake said. "That's not a love letter, Eragon, that's a prophecy. A prophecy indicating the end of all worlds."
"But look, it also indicates the saving of all worlds. 'Seven Mythical Heroes shall rise and fight.' We just need to find the Mythical Heroes that are destined to save the worlds."
"If we're the ones that received this letter, maybe we are two of the seven Mythical Heroes."
"Then, who are the other five?"

I looked at Jake. There was a fire in his eyes filled with determination.

"Well, whoever they are, we'd better find them." Jake said.
"What do you mean...?" I said.
"I mean we go on a journey. A journey to find the other five Mythical Heroes."

Jake held out his hand.

"What do you say?" he said.

I looked at his hand then back at him. I smiled and took his hand firmly.

"I say... we'd better dragon up."



Date: 04/09/14 3:10 PM
From: GhostlyBee

That was EPIC yet very sad. Bring Angie back

Date: 04/08/14 10:14 PM
From: dazooooool

Another word guide for you guys:

Maedalla Bmascus: Mah-del-uh Buh-mask-us
Nadila: Naw-dill-uh
Gamel: Gaw-mehl

Chapter 13: part 2:


Mrs. Canton took a deep breath.

"Thousands of years ago, there was a legend about an all-powerful seeress name Nadila who lived in a forbidden place called Maedalla Bmascus. The legends of Nadila say that she passed away when she was born, but the goddess of the magical dimension, Gamel, had pity on the child and granted her life. There is also a legend that whoever is blessed by the goddess receives what is called Gamel's Gift, a gift that is different for everyone who receives it. Nadila received that gift, and she was granted the powers to foresee the future and immortality."

Mrs. Canton paused, as if waiting for someone to respond, but then she continued.

"However, the Gift that Nadila received also acted as a curse, for every time the seeress received a vision of the future, her life span was shortened until eventually her visions took away her life. Because Nadila also has the gift of immortality, whenever she died, she was reborn again, however each new form is different than the previous ones. Every form of Nadila had different powers and was unique, but the one thing they all had in common was the blessing and curse of Nadila's Gift from the goddess."

Mr. and Mrs. Canton both looked at Eragon.

"The night that you and Angie were born, Eragon, the spirit of Nadila visited your mother and I." Mr. Canton said. "What she told us was something we would never forget."

Mr. Canton put a hand on Eragon's shoulder.

"Eragon... Angie is a reincarnation of Nadila."

"What?!" Eragon batted his father's hand away. His eyes were ablaze with white-hot fire. "You mean you knew what Angie really was and you never told me?!"
"Eragon, we didn't want you to know because we didn't want you to worry." Mrs. Canton said.
"Did Angie know?" Jake said. "Did she know what would become of her?"

Mr. and Mrs. Canton were silent. Eragon and Jake had an epiphany.

"Of course she did. I understand now." Eragon said. "All those times she passed out and played it off like it was nothing, when she told me that she knew you guys were missing when nobody told her..."
"When she told me on the Fenton Blimp that she was afraid..." Jake said. "It wasn't because she didn't think she was capable of defeating Opherious. She knew we were going to defeat him. She knew what would happen afterwards... Angie knew all along!"
"She needed to know of her fate so that she could expect it and accept it. But that didn't stop her from living a happy life and being a good person." Mrs. Canton said.
"Are you kidding me?!" Eragon shouted. "You are acting as if this isn't a big deal! You are acting as if you don't care about Angie!"
"Eragon!" Mr. Canton said. "Of course we did!"
"If you really cared about her, you wouldn't keep this secret from me! I could have helped her! I could have protected her!"
"Maybe this was just a false alarm!" Jake said. "Maybe she's just unconscious or sleeping!"
"No, Jake! This is the real deal! Angie's not sleeping, she's---"
"No, don't say it! Don't say it!!" Jake covered his hands with his ears.

Eragon stalked over to Jake. He grabbed his shoulders and shook him violently.

"Angie is gone, okay?! She's GONE!"

Jake cried out and fire exploded from his body. Eragon flew back a few feet and landed on the ground.

"NO!" Jake said. "You're wrong, and I'll prove it! I'll bring Angie back! I'll save her!"

Jake transformed into his dragon form and flew away with such a quick speed that there was a slight booming noise.

"Eragon..." Mrs. Canton said.

Eragon stood up and glared at his parents. His eyes were glowing red and his face was wet with tears. He opened his mouth, ready to say something, but he changed his mind. He walked over to Angie and picked her up. Wings appeared on his back and he flew away.



Date: 04/08/14 1:34 AM
From: LunaDiana

WHAT DO THEY NEED TO KNOW?! You MUST continue this!!



Date: 04/07/14 8:51 PM
From: dazooooool

Chapter 13: part 1

~~~JAKE'S POV~~~

"Angie, are you okay?" Eragon said. Angie grunted a "Yes" and Eragon and I pulled her up. The silence was gone and there was applause and cheering around us. The creatures that were freed from Opherious's control were celebrating and dancing, and they managed to drag everyone in until it was just Angie and I standing there.

"You did it, Angie!" I smiled.
"No," Angie said, intertwining her fingers with mine. "We did it."

Suddenly, Angie let go of my hand and her breathing was coming out in short, raspy gasps.

"Angie? Angie, what's wrong?!" I said.

The color of her face vanished and she grew pale within a few seconds. I looked into her eyes. Her blue pupils were overcome by a bright light.

"Again...?" I shook her shoulders. "Angie! Snap out of it!"

A golden hieroglyphic appeared over the bright light. Angie stumbled back and began to fall, but I grabbed her hand and I pulled her into my arms.

"Angie!" I shouted into her ear.
"My lady... She is awake." the voice came from Angie, but it was not her's. "Find her."
"What? What do you mean? ANGIE!"

Eragon heard my cry. He whirled around and sprinted towards us. I laid Angie on the ground. Her chest was rising and falling, and her breath was steady and quiet.

"Jake! What--- what happened!?" Eragon said, falling down at Angie's side. "Angie, wake up! Angie!"

Eragon shook Angie with a great vigor, but she didn't respond.

"What did you do?"
"I didn't do anything!" I said. "She was just fine---"
"Mom, dad!" Eragon called. "Something's wrong with Angie!"

Eragon's parents rushed over to his side. Mrs. Canton knelt by Angie and gently opened one of her eyes. A bright light glistened over her blue iris before disappearing a few seconds later. She brought a hand to her face and gasped.

"What? What is it?!" Eragon said.
"Eragon..." Mr. Canton said. "There's something that you need to know about your sister..."



Date: 04/06/14 2:18 AM
From: dazooooool

Chapter 12: The Final Battle - Part 7 (DUN, DUN, DUUUUUUUNNNNNNN!)


There lied Opherious across the open street, frazzled and angry. He took his time standing up.

"You think that you are better than me?!" he bellowed. ?You think that you puny beings could possibly defeat ME?!"
"Uh, yeah." Eragon folded his arms. "I think we just did."
"How... How dare you!" Opherious shouted. "I am Opherious! Destroyer of dimensions! Trembler of hearts! I am---"
"Yeah, yeah, yeah," Danny said. "Geez, he's like the magical dimension version of Technus..."
"Give it up, Opherious!" I said. "Your reign of terror is over!"

Opherious turned around and began to run off, but the Fenton RV rolled by, causing him to trip again. Danny was almost on the verge of laughing himself to tears.

"I think now would be a good time for some Soul Sending." Jake mumbled next to me. The thought dawned on me and I nodded. Spreading my wings, I took off up and above Opherious. The Soul mark on my hand glowed brighter than I'd ever seen.

"Opherious..." I said. "Your time is up."

A circle opened up in the sky and Opherious was showered by a pale blue light.

"NOOOO!" Opherious cried as his body dissolved molecule by molecule into the blue light. A rumble that could be heard in Australia shook the ground. The blue light brightened until Opherious' body completely dissolved in the light. A loud swooping sounded and the light vanished, followed by a dead silence. My wings drooped and my strength drained from my body. I closed my eyes and felt myself falling from the sky.

"Angie!" someone cried. There was a flap of wings and I felt arms encircle me. When I opened my eyes, I was on the ground and everyone was hovering over me. Jake and Eragon were knelt beside me.



Date: 04/05/14 9:20 PM


Date: 04/05/14 3:38 AM
From: dazooooool

Chapter 12: The Final Battle - Part 6: (DUN, DUN, DUUUUUUNNNNNN!)


We started a strategy with Jake, Eragon, and Danny herding up the monsters and me using my powers to free them. We kept working at it until the number of possessed monsters was completely diminished.

"Now all that's left is---" Eragon said, but suddenly a giant green hand closed around the three and lifted them up.
"Eragon!" I cried.

A chilling laugh awakened my adrenal gland and the hair on my arms stood up.

"Opherious, let them go!" I shouted, but my voice cracked and faltered.
Opherious laughed again, squeezing the others. "Did you really think that just because you got stronger meant it could be enough to beat me?"

My breathing picked up. I thought I was about to break down and cry. Suddenly, I was overcome with a sense of peace. The same sense of peace I had when I released Rory. I looked up at the sky. The sky began to rumble as a light blue color glowed darkly above the clouds. One tiny slot opened between two clouds, and a ray shot down, covering everything in a blue light. The Soul mark on my hand was shining brightly. The light disappeared as quickly as it came, and a blue figure stood next to me. The figure unsheathed a sword.

And he smirked.

"Rory..." I whispered.
"Rory?!" Opherious said, shocked.
He looked at me, and his voice echoed in my mind, saying, "Come on, are we going to kick his butt or what?" I smiled and I unsheathed my sword.

I stretched out my wings and took off, leaving the feet to Rory. Rory grabbed a piece of rope and tied it around the hilt of his sword. He pause, calculating angles in his head, then with a muffled grunt, he chucked his sword at Opherious' feet. Three times it circled around his feet and after the third time, Rory caught his sword hilt nonchalantly and tugged. I silently praised him in my head as I glided around Opherious's head, distracting him from what was going on below. With a low, "OOF!" Opherious began to lurch forward. I flew down to his hand and pried open his fingers.

"Grab on to me!" I cried at the dizzy boys.

Bad idea. I suddenly gained 350 pounds and started to drop to the ground. I stretched my wings and flapped them as hard as I could, the body warmth of my friends charging my veins.

Suddenly, images began to zoom across my eyes. I saw Jake, Eragon, and Danny desperately sprint down the hallways of a shimmering light blue castle. They looked like they were going to faint from exhaustion, but I could feel the adrenaline and determination that kept them going. They got closer to a large golden door. When they were close enough, Jake and Eragon's hands began to enwrap themselves with fire. They reached the door and they hurled their clenched fists into the door. The door flew open, causing a great BANG! to echo down in the room and out into the hallway. The room they were in was large, and everything was light blue except for a gold and white altar-like table in the center of the room. I heard footsteps, and three more people appeared at the door, but I didn't know who they were. They all ran forward towards the golden altar, and I saw that there was someone laying there.


Jake took me in his arms. His lips moved, but I could tell that he was saying my name. Slowly and surely, the paleness of my skin went away. The color in my cheeks flushed back into my face. My eyes fluttered open.

The images went away. My lungs filled with happiness and tears abruptly spilled down my face. My strength finally gave out and the four of us all tumbled onto the ground of a roof.

"What happened?" Eragon rubbed his head. "Angie, are you okay?"
"I'm just fine." I said, relieved but also a little annoyed. I wiped away my tears before they could see them. "When was the last time you worked out?"

Eragon blushed while Danny laughed uncontrollably in the background until the ground began to vibrate wildly. The vibrating was so powerful, it hurt my body and my teeth felt like they were about to dance out of my mouth. I looked over the side of the roof and saw Opherious falling to the ground. I cringed and looked away. BOOM! Down went Opherious. I opened my eyes and I flinched to see Rory standing in front of me.

"Thank you, Rory." I said

My Soul mark began to glow again. I reached out to touch his shoulder. Rory grabbed my hand and pulled me into a hug. I was a little surprised at first, but then I heard his voice, faint and soft.

"Thanks, Angie," he said. "For everything."

Rory pulled away and smiled. A full, happy smile. With a bright flash of blue and a thunder crash, Rory zipped up and into the sky.



Date: 04/03/14 4:12 PM
From: dazooooool

Chapter 12: The Final Battle - Part 5: (DUN, DUN, DUUUUUNNNNN!)


I've never been so relieved to see Sam's classic smile peeking out the window and Tucker's clumsiness as he fell out of the car.

"Glad to know you got my message." Eragon said.
Sam smiled and pointed at Eragon playfully and hopped out of the car. "So, what are we up against?"

I explained to her and Tucker about Opherious trying to take over the universe and the monsters he's controlling and unleashing in the human dimension. Tucker looked like he was going to pass out with panic, but Sam was surprisingly calm.

"Danny, I've seen you battle Vortex, Skulker, the Box Ghost with Pandora's box, and even the Ghost King," Sam said, preparing one of the Fenton guns. "this will be the icing on the cake."

I looked at the others, determination and hope glimmering in their eyes.

"Alright, Opherious," I said. "get ready."

Eragon and Jake transformed into their dragon forms, Angie in her alter ego, and me into my ghost form. Sam, Tucker, and Angie's parents climbed into the Fenton RV. Sam pushed a button and weapons began brimming on the edges of the RV.

"Let's go kick some interdimensional butt!" Tucker cried through the loudspeaker.

We charged for the battle of our lives.

~~~JAKE'S POV~~~

I've been to the markets of the magic dimension, where there are creatures from all over hustling and bustling to and fro, but I've NEVER seen this many monsters all at once. Zombies, vampires, Minotaurs, brownies (man, I hate those things), any magical creature you could name and they were there, running around like headless chickens, their eyes bright red. The people were even worse. Screaming and crashing sounds messed up my ears.

"Sam, drive around and try to calm these crazy people down." I said.

Sam saluted and drove off, yelling something into the loudspeaker. I took a deep breath and exhaled hot degrees of fire out of my mouth. The monsters stopped and turned towards us. Some saw the fire and ran away, but others began heading towards us.

"We can't hurt them," Angie said. "We have to find a way to break Opherious' mind control."
"What, we can't just burn it out of them?" Eragon said. "It's not like we can just touch them and they turn back to normal."

Angie shot him a glare. Her glare turned into pondering and then her idea face.

"Eragon, that's BRILLIANT!" Angie cried. "Quick, cover me!"

I'm guessing that becoming a full angel also makes you super fast because Angie stretched out her wings and zoomed through the crowds, dodging people and cars. She came across a Minotaur. When it met eyes with her, it snorted and charged towards her. Angie reached out her hand and touched her palm against the Minotaur?s forehead, stopping it in its tracks. Angie closed her eyes and her outline glowed a light blue. When the blue faded, the Minotaurs eyes faded from the red to its regular iris color. The Minotaur looked around, completely confused.

"Go hide." Angie said.

The Minotaur nodded and rode off.

"How did you do that?" Danny asked.
Angie turned. "I have absolutely no idea," she smiled. "but I think that will come in handy."



Date: 04/01/14 1:34 AM
From: LunaDiana




Date: 03/31/14 11:03 PM
From: dazooooool

Chapter 12: The Final Battle - Part 4: (DUN, DUN, DUUUUNNNN!)


I coughed up dust and grass, folding my wings. My mom and dad were fine. I had a couple burnt scales here and there, but other than that I wasn't perishing. Burning debris rained down around us. Danny and Jake weren't too far.

"Where's Angie?" mom asked.
"Angie!" I cried.
"Eragon!" Angie's voice sounded.

Angie ran through the dust, covered in charred clothing.

"Angie?" Jake asked. "Where's Rory?"

Angie looked at me then at the ground, shaking her head.

"Opherious..." Angie whispered through gritted teeth. Her eyes glowed in anger. "He will pay for this!"
"Angie..." I tried to put my hand on her shoulder, but she shook me off.
"No! Opherious has caused too much damage to me, you, and us all! I'm tired of running away!" Angie glanced at Jake. "I'm not afraid of fate anymore. Even if I would have to sacrifice myself in order for you to all live, if it means destroying Opherious, then so be it. He will regret the moment that he ever crossed Angellica Canton!"

"What's going on?" Danny said.

He and I looked at mom, dad, and Jake as their eyes lit up. Angie's feet lifted a foot off the ground. The glowing grew brighter. A ring of light appeared at her feet. As the ring made its way up her body, her tattered clothes were swallowed up, replaced by white Keds, white leggings, and a one-shouldered white baby doll dress (an outfit which made my corneas hurt just by looking at her). Her dirty and tangled blonde hair was cleaned and shiny, growing a few inches and becoming curly, and it was adorned with a white-gold Celtic circlet. Her feet planted on the ground as her wings sprouted out. Light swirled around them and they grew stronger and longer, almost to the point where her wingspan was as long as mine.

"What... just happened?" Danny said.
"I'm a full angel now." Angie said, lifting up her hands as power swirled around them. She looked up to the sky and smiled. "Thanks, Rory."
"You learned how to Soul Send?" Jake crossed his arms.
Angie lowered her hands back to her side. "Yes."
"There aren't any more metamorphosis transformations needed for this, right?" Danny said. "No other weird secrets or important information that we need to know?"
"No." I said, but the look on Angie's face said otherwise.

The rev of a vehicle sounded and a giant RV that read "Fenton" zoomed out in front of us. The blasting sound of "La Cucaracha" made it's way towards us. The window rolled down, revealing two familiar smiling faces.

"Did someone call for a giant can of butt-whooping?" Sam grinned.



Date: 03/31/14 7:41 PM
From: dazooooool

Chapter 12: The Final Battle - Part 3: (DUN, DUN, DUUUNNN!)


It felt like I was in the middle of a meteor. All I could see was debris (including the deflated burning balloon of Jack Fenton's face) and fire falling down to the ground. I landed on the ground, gasping for the air that was knocked out of me. I sat up slowly, coughing and spitting out dirt coating my face. My clothes were covered in green, brown, and black spots. I looked around and realized that my landing caused a crater.

I heard coughing nearby me. I looked and saw a flash of blonde hair.

"Rory!" I cried, getting up and staggering over to him. "Rory!"

I dropped to my knees next to Rory and I wiped off the dirt that was coating his face. I met his eyes as tears filled mine.

"Oh, Rory..." I whispered. "Why?"
"This was all my fault."
"What are you talking about?"
"I... I led you into Opherious' attack." Rory said. "This wouldn't have happened if I didn't... It's all my fault."
"Stop saying that. It's NOT your fault. You didn't have to expose yourself to Opherious' attack."

Rory put his hand over mine.

"I'll be okay." Rory whispered.

His eyes were filled with tears, but he smirked, which only made me cry harder. I looked away.

"Angie, you know what you need to do." Rory said.

I reeled back, staring at Rory in astonishment, but I knew that he was right. I stopped crying and I felt my soul be overcome with a sense of peace. I placed my hand on Rory's chest. I closed my eyes, channeling my power.

I opened my eyes. Images swirled around Rory and I as we saw his life play before us. I saw him when he was 2 and he was playing with his mother, who despite the gray that was beginning to show in her brown hair, she was still breathtakingly beautiful. I saw when he was 8 and he went to Disneyland with his parents and little sister (Lucky thing. I need to have a word with my parents.). I looked to Rory to see him gazing at his own memories. His body began to fade. His gaze shifted over at me and I could see all of the years of pent up coldness thaw away. He gave me a small smile as his body faded away completely. I lifted my hand as Rory's Soul floated in the palm of my hand, warming my hand and caressing my palm. I blew gently and the Soul shot out into the sky.

I looked down at my hand and I saw that etched in the center of my palm was the word ANIMA, which from what I remember from Magicks, it's Latin for "Soul". The word glowed a light blue before it faded away, showing my regular skin color once again. I looked up at the sky and smiled.

"Goodbye, Rory..." I said. "...and thank you."



Date: 03/31/14 1:36 AM
From: LunaDiana




Date: 03/30/14 6:59 PM
From: dazooooool

Chapter 12: The Final Battle part 2: (DUN, DUN, DUUNN!)


I was serious when I said that I was afraid about fighting Opherious. I mean, he's 'the ruler of lands', 'the trembler of hearts' and all that stupid stuff that he likes to proclaim that reminds me of Technus. Meanwhile, I'm just some kind of... feather duster. How can Eragon and my parents and I figure out how to defeat the Green Giant from those frozen pea food bags?

I sighed, trying to force my internal beating to a minimum. Suddenly the blimp began to shake, throwing us all off our feet.

"What's going on?!" Jake cried, clinging to the counter.
"Opherious is attacking us!" Danny cried, trying to control the sparking keyboard. "Oh, no..."
"What?! What's happening?" mom cried.
"Opherious opened a portal from the magic dimension and he's manipulating monsters to attack us!" Danny said. "I'm going to try---"

The blimp lurched again and Danny flew back from the keyboard and onto the floor. The keyboard sparked and sputtered like the 4th of July. Another crackle and the keyboard went quiet. A loud groan sounded and a wretched smell wafted into my nostrils, making my head spin.

"Gasoline!" my dad cried.

Eragon and Jake transformed into their dragon forms, stretching out their wings. Eragon covered mom and dad, wrapping his wings around them. Jake covered me as Danny touched us, his green eyes ablaze, turning us invisible. I looked around, realizing a body figure still standing.

"Rory!" I cried. "What are you doing?! Get down!"

Rory turned around. His eyes were filled with sorrow.

"I can't..." Rory said. "This is all my fault."