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One-shots and Short Fanfics Galore!

Date: 05/26/14 1:24 PM
From: StarPaw007

Here is a place where I will write one-shot fanfictions, and short fanfictions. Which means fanfictions that can be completed in one part, or only a couple of parts.
If you have any suggestions, MAKE 'EM! I'll see if I can write it. :3
It can include funny fanfictions, serious fanfictions, crossovers...
As long as it won't need too many parts to complete. :3 Remember, short stories.
But I'll say one thing... I'm not really of fan of writing about OC's. *shrugs* Sorry. D:
This is so I can write on the boards more often, since I usually don't feel like updating my longer fanfictions.
Now I've gotta get to writing!! See ya!
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Date: 09/30/14 4:51 PM
From: StarPaw007

Dear Luna,
That was a great poem, Shaun! :D You should publish it! ;)
I like the microwave part. ^^ That's my favorite!

Dear everyone,
If you want me to do more poems... then I could ^^

Date: 09/30/14 1:08 AM
From: LunaDiana

Loved the poem! *hugs you back harder* Nice to be back. I felt the same way when you were gone weeks at a time last year. ^^

Kimi: HI!
Faith: O_O ... Hi.
Shaun: Here's a poem for you:
Roses are red, violets are blue
My name is not Dave
This poem makes no sense

Me: Yeah, that made no sense.....


Date: 09/29/14 6:05 PM
From: StarPaw007

Okay solution time! I'll leave out the story, and just do the poem...
(It was this awesome one-shot with poem parts in between. But it never posted ;-;) That makes me sad because I really liked it...
Oh well. This is about Danny's parent's chasing him.

Breathe in, breathe out.
Poor soul, filled with doubt.
Do you believe in reality?
Or is this a nightmare you can never wake from?
The world so cruel, so cover your eyes little one.
Shut out this unfamiliar place. You don't belong here.
As reality comes crashing down you realize
Through bloodshot eyes (It was originally "tear-filled eyes)
You are alone.

A blinding light, Screams of despair.

Please post this ;-; He doesn't really get hurt, I promise.
In the end it's just that he turns into his human half, and his parents finally realize that they've been chasing their child.

Date: 09/29/14 5:57 PM
From: StarPaw007

Hi! It's nice to see (read about) you again, Luna! *hugs tightly*
I missed youuu!
I did post something on this topic, but I guess it must have bee too dark for the boards. Which makes me sad because I really liked it... It was the only thing that I had enjoyed writing in, well.. a long time :3

Date: 09/27/14 1:57 PM
From: LunaDiana

OMG I feel so bad! PLEASE continue! I have my computer back now, so i can comment. Sorry.


Date: 09/10/14 5:58 PM
From: StarPaw007

YAY! We can post again! *dances with joy* KONICHIWA EVERYONE!
Nocturne: "I am NOT afraid of spiders!! " D:
Me: "Oh no! A terranchula!"

Here's a small random scene that I wrote for a fanfic idea. It's an Alternate Universe fanfic, where a very young Danny doesn't know he's only half ghost and lives in the ghost zone. After a nasty fight, he ends up in a place where a tribe of ghosts with ice powers find him. Or something like that. Just an idea...

A First Encounter
The Phantom child leaned closer to the elder, his glowing emerald eyes lit up with wonder as he stared at the strange man who towered over him. One of his hands reached out to the ghost, while the other remained around the wound on his side. But Phantom's attention was far too focused on the ghost before him to care about the wound, which still leaked ectoplasm. Small beads of the strange mixture fell to the ground, staining the pure white snow with a swirl of crimson and toxic green.
The elder watched curiously as the young ghost reached up to mess with the hair on his head. "Spiky." Phantom giggled shrilly, making the ghost smile softly. He had always loved children, with their pure innocence. They had no idea about the cruelness of the ghost zone and the many threats that occupied within it's seemingly infinite space.
They lived almost in their own world, far from the worries of the afterlife.
"He could be a threat." D'airm, one of the patrollers countered.
S'uim, who was both fit in body and mind, simply shook her head. "No matter what happens, there's only one person who will decide what we do with the boy."

So there is is... just a tiny, minuscule scene I decided to write out of nowhere.

Date: 08/22/14 5:51 PM
From: LunaDiana

Me: Pfft.. Nocturne's afraid of spiders?! *laughs* XD
Mika: Wow... that's really lame...
Kimi: Even my little sister Lilith isn't afraid of spiders. So that's really lame...
Me: The only thing that could beat Danny Phantom is if he was humiliated... like those pictures of him in his tighty-whiteys. XD


Date: 08/21/14 11:08 PM
From: StarPaw007

Dear LunaDiana,
HAha.... True, true.
Johnny: "My logic isn't twisted. I just really wanted to beat up the ghost kid."
Me: "Like THAT'S ever worked out good for you, or any bad guy frankly."
Johnny: "SHUT UP! Don't ruin my dream!" D:
Nocturne: "She doesn't have the power to do that, but I do."
Nocturne: "I've been here the whole time."
Me: "WHERE!?"
Nocturne: "I'd... rather not say."

*just minutes earlier, under Star's bed*


Date: 08/18/14 3:34 AM
From: LunaDiana

lol Johnny 13's logic is a bit twisted...


Date: 08/16/14 8:52 PM
From: StarPaw007

Heyy! I just posted a new part of Amnesia. So I decided that, before I get too lazy to write something else, I'll write a one-shot. So I wrote one of brawlfall2's ideas. (This didn't post.. so I'm going to try to repost it. Please post T_T)

Raining Busted Motorcycle Parts

Vortex rubbed his hands together and laughed maniacally. He was finally going to get his revenge on the ghost boy, Danny Phantom.
Now that the boy didn't have his weather powers anymore, he was going to be much easier to defeat. Oh, but Vortex wasn't a moron. He knew not to use his lightning attacks against the halfa, lest the boy blocks it with his ecto-shield. Thus absorbing Vortex's weather powers.
This time Vortex was going with something a bit larger and more destructive.
With a brief twirl of his wrists he created a wall of swirling, twirling winds.
A tornado.
This was perfect. With this he would be able to extract his long-awaited revenge!
Wait... Who's that? Vortex leaned over the building's roof to get a clearer look at the figure driving on the road.
Was that Johnny 13?!
And in fast pursuit was the ghost boy.

This was becoming extremely tiresome for Johnny 13. Phantom had been on his tail for miles on end. "Just give it up, Johnny! The sooner you meet my thermos, the sooner we can both go home."
Johnny rolled his eyes at the boy's quick witted joke. This was becoming a nuisance.
"Oh crap." he heard Phantom yell. The winds picked up, and Johnny had a bad feeling.
This feeling was confirmed when he peeked behind him.
Phantom was already gone and in his place was a gigantic tornado.
"This isn't good.."
The tornado pulled him backwards. "Nonononon..." Johnny pressed the gas harder, but the increased speed did little to stop his impending doom.
The tornado lifted his bike into the air, spinning it around and around constantly.
"Johnny! Just leave the stupid bike!" Phantom yelled from a safe distance.
"No! This is my baby! I can't just leave it!" Johnny replied harshly.
The constant spinning was dizzying and nauseating
Unfortunately Johnny had no choice in the matter of keeping his bike, for he ended up falling off anyway.
He was flung into the nearest building.
Johnny clung his throbbing head and tried desperately to shake the darkness from his vision. His motorcycle.. where was it?
His question was answered by a loud crash. The sound of breaking glass and metal scraping against concrete.
Johnny spun around quickly despite his head being against it. His bike was in ruins...
"Oh... man. I'm sorry about your motorcycle." Phantom apologized to him. "I hope you had insurance."
Johnny glared at the ghost child, hot fury in his eyes. His motorcycle was his most prized possession... "Hey, hey... don't look at me like that. It wasn't my fault. Blame the guy over there." Phantom pointed over to Vortex, who was making his way over there.
"You're right.." Johnny admitted. "I'll beat him up.. and then I will beat YOU up!"
"Oh that's great! I'm glad that- Wait, what?!"
Johnny got up slowly. "See you after I'm done with the other punk."
"Wait.. Johnny please. It's not my fault!" Phantom pleaded, running after the furious ghost. "Let me help you defeat Vortex."
"Oh! I'm so glad that you're willing to help. For that, I'll make sure that your beating is as painful as possible." Johnny smirked.
"Wait.. isn't it supposed to be the other way?"


Date: 07/27/14 12:02 PM
From: LunaDiana

The Unfinished calendar from Phantom Planet? The one with pictures of Danny in his underwear? You don't remember that? Man...

[Mods please post, and when is the update coming?]

Date: 07/25/14 11:13 AM
From: StarPaw007

Yayyyy! With all these suggestions I feel so loved!! I goofed off on Minecraft all day yesterday. It was fun! Oh and Luna.. mind explaining the Calender idea? I don't really get it..

Reflection on the Moon (I'm sorry. I stink at titles!)

It was just as any other night. Shadow and his master were chasing that pesky Danny Phantom around Amity Park. How he could keep escaping from his grasp, he couldn't tell. No other creature was as evasive, as difficult to catch, as this one.
It excited him.
The thrill of the chase pumped through him. All he could think about was catching the Phantom child. It was his greatest desire.
"Just give it up already, Johnny! I know your little pet's weakness." The Phantom child threw an ecto blast at the Shadow, but he nimbly dodged the cursed thing.
What a disgusting thing. It burned him, It hurt him.
Humans were wrong when they said light was a wonderful resource, the cause of life itself. To the shadow ghost, it only caused suffering.
With an enraged howl, Shadow lunged at Phantom who let out a surprised yell. It took Shadow all he could , not to just simply finish the ghost boy there. He wanted the child to suffer as he had every time he was hit with those swirling balls of green light. Oh, how they burned through him. He hated it with such animosity.
He swiped a large clawed hand at the child's face. He could see the emerald liquid leaking from the cuts he left. Filled with accomplishment, Shadow swiped at him again. The Phantom child attempted to block his attack, but to no avail. The blow simply stroke his arm instead. "Ah!" Phantom's face contorted in pain as he held his injured limb closer to his body. But soon his face filled with determination. So, the boy had not learned his place yet. He would see. Shadow would beat him into oblivion!
He bared his fangs and growled furiously. At times like this he wish he could speak. "If you want me, come and catch me!" The Phantom teased. He stuck out his tongue and flew away.
He could not let him escape!
Shadow chased after the boy through the sky. They rose higher and higher into the atmosphere. Though Shadow was fast, he just wasn't nearly as fast as the Phantom child. He let out a frustrated howl. He would not let him get away. He could not let him get away.
Then suddenly the Ghost boy dropped out of the sky. Shadow floated there, dazed and confused. "Bye bye Shadow! Say hello to the sun's reflection for me!" The boy winked, and in a matter of seconds he was nothing more than a dot falling towards the Earth.
But Shadow was far too confused at his words to go after him. The sun? What did the child mean? It was nighttime. And there was no water around for the sun to reflect off of..
His thoughts were interrupted by a burning sensation. The burning sensation. Shadow's face expressed confusion. There was no light around here! How...
Then he realized. It was the cursed moon! He turned around to face the object. Phantom had flown so far up that the moon had grown twice the size it was when they were on the ground.
It hurt...
Shadow panicked. He didn't know which direction to go to.
Seconds of agony passed by... then..

Phantom looked up at the sky. He couldn't see Shadow, but he knew the moon's light had destroyed the ghost.
But he'd be back.
He never stayed that way for long....

Sorry I couldn't resist making it... very dramatic. Hehe.

Date: 07/24/14 6:35 PM
From: LunaDiana

Hilarious... XD I too have been busy. Good job with that! Too bad that my Sam idea was too hard for you.... How about that unfinished calendar from Phantom Planet?


Date: 07/17/14 7:29 AM
From: brawlfall2

Tucker goes by "Pizza Pepperoni" to please Danny, and Sam eats his pizza with him at lunch.

Date: 07/16/14 9:56 AM
From: StarPaw007

Santa Claws is Real (Part 3)
As they walked to the chimney, common sense told Maddie none of them would fit in something so tiny. Only her hand would be about to make it?s way into it. But the ghost pulled out a bag and sprinkled some dust onto the chimney. In an instant it turned into a space big enough to fit them both. ?After you.? Santa Claus offered generously. ?Oh, you?re so kind.? Maddie rolled her eyes and dived into the opening. She landed on a pile of soft red and white pillows. ?Look out belloowww!? she heard Santa yell. She quickly scrambled to the side as he came barreling down from the darkness. She took a look around her. There was a Christmas tree with presents underneath, and stockings hanging on the fireplace. ?So, what now? Is this child naughty? Nice?? Maddie questioned, wandering aimlessly around the room. ?Nice. And she is the cutest little thing.? Santa cooed. Maddie quirked and eyebrow and turned to face him. She was surprised to find him holding a small child. ?Put her down!? Maddie whispered loudly in a panic. "She?ll wake up and her parents will hear!?
?HoHoHo! Dear Madeline, do you know nothing of Christmas magic?? Santa questioned. ?I put all of the adults into a deep sleep.?
?What about the children?? Maddie asked. ?Them? Why.. sometimes they wake up.? the ghost explained. ?But usually I give them dreams of sugarplumbs and candy canes...? he waved his hand over the little girl?s head. Her small mouth formed into a smile. The ghost wiped the blonde curls out of the little girls? face. ?Christmas magic is a powerful thing.? The Santa ghost explained. ?Children need as much joy as they can. It?s what helps power their imaginations and dreams.?
The ghost set the little girl down onto her bed. Maddie hadn?t even realized they had appeared in her room. ?Do you understand? You can?t deprive children of that Christmas joy. That is the reason I brought you here tonight. Not simply because you didn?t believe, but because your disbelief put a child?s Christmas joy in danger.?
Maddie brought her hand to her chin. She never really thought before that she was ruining Christmas for her son...
She sighed. How could she have let it get that far? The arguing? And what of her husband? Had she any right to deprive him of what joy he?s held onto? After all, he was still a kid in his soul.
Finally she spoke. ?I may not believe in Santa, even now... But I now realize I have no right to ruin Christmas for anyone by telling them that you don?t exist.?
The ghost of Santa Claus smiled. ?Well, dear. That?s certainly a start.? he winked, and with a snap of his fingers, Maddie found herself facing the door of her house. She was in her jacket once again.
Had she dreamed all of that? She asked herself as she opened the door into her home. She was greeted with a huge bear hug from her husband. ?Maddie!? he screamed, and she laughed. How she had missed him.
As Jack went to shut the door, Maddie once again wondered if she had imagined the whole experience. But before the door could click shut, she heard a faint shout in the distance. ?He?s a keeper! Ho Ho Ho!?
She smiled softly as she felt her husband?s arms wrap around her hold shoulders. He certainly was...
?So, about Santa-?
?You?re right.? Maddie interrupted. ?He?s real.?
Of course he wasn?t... but she could at least pretend he was, for the sake of her family. (Or rather, for the sake of her husband).

Wow. I started this long ago, never really was inspired to finish it. Apologies are useless by now, I realize. I haven?t had the computer for at least 10 days. (went on vacation. No wifi, no computer).
Sorry if the ending was cheeessyyyy!

Date: 07/16/14 7:46 AM
From: StarPaw007

Santa Claws is Real (Part 2)

?I can see you will be difficult to persuade.? the ghost sighed as he suddenly appeared beside Maddie. ?Then I have no choice but to haunt you until you believe.?
Maddie raised an eyebrow at this ridiculous idea. ?Haunt a ghost hunter? You must be completely insane.? She took out her weapon once again, and with a few twirls that would have been far too fast for the average human eye to perceive, she brought the weapon up to lay again his throat. ?A warning.? she stated. ?Go back to the ghost zone, or next time I will have the weapon activated.?
The ghost only laughed. ?You can not get rid of me that easily.? With a snap from the jolly ghost?s fingers, Maddie?s weapon disappeared. ?What... how did you-? Maddie was cut off by another snap from the Santa impersonator. This time he replaced her clothes with an elf?s outfit.
She was stunned. How was this possible! She reaches to touch her ear, but thankfully found it to be rounded as it normally was. ?Why did you do this?? she demanded.
?Because, dear. You are going to come with me on a sled ride.? with another snap of his fingers they appeared in a large red sled. Steered by ghost reindeer, whose skeletons showed through their transparent fur. ?Any kid who saw this would have their whole childhood ruined.? Maddie grumbled as she took in the sight. ?Santa? only laughed, and with a quick snap of his fingers himself and the reindeer lost their transparency. ?Is that better?? he asked.
Maddie?s eyes widened, and all she could do was nod. How could he do this? Not many ghosts could control their physical appearance. And none could completely lose their glow. But this Santa impersonator appeared completely human.
?Now, Dasher! Now, Dancer! Now, Prancer and Vixen! On, Comet! On, Cupid! On, Donner and Blitzen! To the top of the porch! To the top of the wall! Now dash away! dash away! Dash away all!?
He let out a howling laugh as they started to move the sled across the snow covered roof. Maddie held onto the sled for dear life as it started to lift into the air. ?Get me down!? she demanded. ?Land the sleigh!?
Her orders came to deff ears as the ghost drove on. They landed minutes later on the first rooftop of the first child?s house. ?Now come with me.? he told her.
But Maddie did not want to take orders from a ghost. As soon as he helped her out of the sleigh, she made a break for it. She was just about to jump off of the roof into a snow drift when she heard someone snap their fingers. In an instant she was back at the ghost?s side. ?Ho! Ho! Ho! Trying to run away are we? I?ll tell you what. At least help me with this one house. Then if you choose to believe, or not, I will let you go.?
Having no other choice, Maddie hung her head in defeat. ?Fine.? she grumbled. ?But I will NOT believe in you.?

Sorry it's still too long to post! So I'll have to make it in three parts, since I don't want to delete a bunch of stuff.

Date: 07/14/14 9:17 PM
From: brawlfall2

Danny discovering a hidden temple in the land of Dangerica, Sam watching Tucker play the piano for 5 hours, Ember falling into an invisible ghost-proof room with annoying Jack Fenton. Sam writes a letter to Tucker saying he is a boring, weird, loud, dumb, techno-geek. Sam goes....techno-goth?

Story: 5 hour music:
Sam watches Tucker play a piano for 5 hours.

Sam tells Tucker that Sanoto 2Ach Newer wrote the letter so he can't be mad at Sam, but San.

Date: 07/14/14 12:38 PM
From: StarPaw007

Okay I tried doing the Sam thing, but I didn't like it. It was kinda hard to write. So I'll do a different one. :3

Santa Claws is Real (See.. get the reference? Santa claws? Y'know.. The Nightmare Before Christmas? Hehe... okay, I get it. I'm done...)

It was the night before Christmas, and all through Amity park, something was stirring in the dark.
Every girl slept, and every boy dreamed. Complete silence was kept, except for the screams...
(A/N Okay I promise you I'm much better at poems... usually...)
"HE'S REAL I TELL YOU!" Jack's booming voice made the entire house shake.
Maddie ran the argument through her mind before she spat out her own words. "Jack, listen to me. You are a grown man! A scientist nonetheless! You should know that Saint Nick is nothing more than a fairy tail to keep children from misbehaving."
Maddie knew Jack was about to protest, but tonight she really was not in the mood to argue. She had been spending all day arguing with him, spitting the facts in his face. But he still would not take the hint. Their constant arguing would not allow her to concentrate on her inventing and baking! She accidentally added the jar of ecto-dephaser instead of flour in her cookies. And the flour somehow found it's way sprinkled into the paste she put onto their phase-proof cages. When she had finally captured that illusive box ghost, he was able to simply phase out of their trap! She was tired of the constant fighting.
"I'm going for a walk." she grumbled.
Jack blinked a few times in confusion then immediately offered to come with her. Maddie, who just wanted to be alone for a while, refused.
She put on her coat. Then without another word she flew out the door. Metaphorically, of course.
She sighed in relief as she walked on the sidewalk. For her, peace and quiet was a luxury. The air was crisp and her breath billowed out in large puffs. It wasn't until she heard a large crash, did she open her eyes.
"Who's there?!" She demanded as she whipped around to look behind her. She saw nothing. "That's strange.." she mumbled to herself. She jumped at the sound of ringing bells.
"What the-?!"
It was then that she saw him. The source of all the arguments over the years.
Santa Claus.
Jolly ol' Saint Nick himself, in the flesh. Though Maddie noticed on closer inspection that he was slightly transparent. Madeline Fenton was no fool.
This was no living breathing mall Santa out for a midnight stroll... this was the ghost of Santa Claus himself. At least, that was the only reasonable deduction that could be made at this point. Unless it were some sort of shape-shifter. That must have been it..
"What do you want, ectoplasmic scum?!" Maddie demanded. "Have you taken the form of Santa Claus to steal children? Cause havoc? Answer me!" She pulled out a weapon from her coat. It was a long rod, and as she pressed a small green button on the side it lit up with glowing green ectoplasmic energy. She waved it around a few times to emphasize her words.
"I have come, Maddie, because you are a nonbeliever." he stated cheerfully, smiling at the ghost huntress. Maddie did not return the friendly gesture. "Because I am a nonbeliever? There are many nonbelievers. What have I done to summon you, oh great bringer of joy and cheer." She mocked, lowering her weapon. Surely this ghost was no immediate threat. Though the fact he communicated with her deemed he contained some sort of intelligence. Best not to become too comfortable around his presence.
"It is because you, Maddie, are not simply a nonbeliever. But a joy crusher on this fine holiday. Up until last Christmas past, you have made the holiday unbearable for your only son. He hated the holiday with such animosity, such fervor, that I decided something simply must be done. So I have come, Madeline the nonbeliever, to stop you from crushing another child's Christmas spirit ever again." As he finished, the ghost gave a cheerful and bellowing laugh. "But not to worry." he added. "I'm not going to do anything to harm you. Just simply to make you believe."
Maddie blinked her violet eyes as an expression of What the heck? .
"Listen I have no interest in becoming a believer , and I doubt you are the real Santa Claus because, as I've said time and time again, he is nothing more than a myth. A complete and utter useless conspiracy. Now if you excuse me, I have no intention of ghost hunting on Christmas eve. I planned for a nice and relaxing walk, and that is what I will have.? With that the ghost huntress walked through the ghost and made her way down the icy sidewalk. She shivered and rubbed her arms in an attempt to create heat through friction.

Sorry it's too long. Had to cut it there. Will post the next part ASAP!

Date: 07/02/14 8:43 AM
From: brawlfall2

Tucker playing for the Cincinnati Reds, Sam trying to crush Ember with a piano, Johnny 13's motorcycle is busted because of a 12-foot tall tornado, Danny meets a half-robot girl named Kaitlyn Borg, Shadow is destroyed by the light side of the moon.

Date: 06/15/14 9:07 PM
From: LunaDiana

hmm..... Sam going techno geek? Danny as the Ghost king? A weird new Santa Claus ghost attacking Danny's mom? I'm just throwing out ideas....