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Danny Phantom can't return

Date: 08/13/14 6:15 PM
From: widf

hello my fellow Phantom Fans im here to spread the TRUTH!!
you see danny phantom can't return for it ruin the show cause think he has saved the world he got the girl and is a hero.
so happy ever after the show will be boring he has the world respect everyone knows vlad gone so he dosent have a arch enemy and the ghost now like him so the show will basically be this
No enemys
No Arch enemys
no men in white
world peace
so yea great universe but for viewers BORING
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Date: 09/22/14 6:21 AM
From: StarPaw007

;-; *tears of joy*
What all of you are saying is so great.. and so true.
Widf, perhaps the show still has hope. Especially with an active fanbase such as this. Think! Even after ten years this show is this popular.
And though there are not many fanfictions on HERE anymore, that doesn't mean there aren't anywhere else.
There are TONS of fanfictions, tumblr posts, fanart...
Perhaps one day we could get the show back.
I agree that there is still so much left unresolved... Dan especially.
I also agree the the Guys in White are not just going to give up. Halfas are a rare specimen that, in their eyes, are dangerous and must be studied carefully.
There are many plots that could happen for the fourth season. I've seen in a fan comic where many of the people of Amity Park believe that Danny is a menace, while some don't. Which causes a.. political dispute? (I hope I'm using that term correctly)
I'm not much on the idea of them adopting Danielle, though.. (no offense to all the Danielle lovers.. I just wouldn't like it.)
But there are still so many possibilities. SO MANY.'
But until the day comes when Danny Phantom comes back, and I'll be waiting, I'll have to bide my time with fanfictions...

Date: 09/21/14 8:18 PM
From: meplusdp

That is not true! the ghosts where still only helping DP to save their own world, Skulker even said that and when DP went into the portal, Skulker and other ghosts where trying to get him. Danny still has a life going on for him and plus there are still villains and Sam said that Danny would be more busy hunting down ghosts. there are many more reasons Danny phantom can return! i just have to day that they left us hanging at the end and i still love DP even after ten years! Danny Phantom is my favorite childhood show i just got done re watching it on youtube.

Date: 08/25/14 7:56 PM
From: yogurt13

If that is the reason that they stopped the show, it's very disappointing. Honestly, in my opinion, there doesn't have to be any social conflicts or drama in order for them to create a good action show or maybe even a movie. Yes, he would have everyone's respect and adoration but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it's a good thing in terms of fighting ghosts. He'd have more help.
Now, for the enemies, they could easily find a solution for that one.
The enemy doesn't really have to be an old enemy like Vlad or the other ghosts he's faced. The enemy could be a new enemy, maybe not even a ghost. They could add some sort of other creature maybe, though I highly doubt that. But I sincerely believe that the enemy could be a new, introduced enemy. They don't have to be former enemies.
So, my point is that there doesn't have to be social problems such as bullying or former enemies for there to be a story plot for the show. If anything, I think that those are actually just excuses.

Date: 08/20/14 4:27 PM
From: cookiejojo

that's sad that it can't return

Date: 08/17/14 1:49 AM
From: GollaG

You see, the great thing about what we have with the show, is that there is still more of the world to learn about. More people to meet, more places to see, more concepts to explore.

Season 3 didn't resolve the existing plot, it built upon what already existed, but did not answer much of what the first two seasons set up.

This is a problem. A plot needs resolution, and Phantom Planet is not a resolution. It's a build up. It doesn't solve the Dark Dan arch or show what happened to the Crown of Fire after Reign Storm, or even what happened to Danielle (who thank heavens was stabilized before the finale).

So No, I'm sorry, what you are saying is not the TRUTH. Far from it. Please think about what I have said in these posts, the show can return, and should to finish it's plot.

Thank You.


Date: 08/17/14 1:41 AM
From: GollaG

We could also learn more about the other ghosts! In "Girls Night Out," we see Danny and Johnny 13 talking about their relationships (Well, more Johnny's than Danny's) but Danny LET'S JOHNNY GO! No thermos, just lets him go. That's character growth, Danny interacts with the ghosts differently as he gets to know them better. He could become friends with some of them! What about Dora, and Pandora, and Frostbite, and Clockwork! Don't forget about Clockwork!

And finally, Danielle. She could come back, therefore throwing Danny into a new role. Who wouldn't want to see big brother Danny?


Date: 08/17/14 1:25 AM
From: GollaG

They could also introduce a new arch enemy. Fright Knight hasn't been around in a while, and say, what about Pariah Dark? Let not forget about Dark Dan, who exists outside of time.

Isn't it interesting that Danny defeated the King of all Ghosts in a battle? Wouldn't that mean Danny technically now holds the ranking of Ghost King/Prince due to that victory?

Most importantly, his powers are growing. In "Double Cross My Heart," he is labeled as a level 7. That's apparently very powerful, and we know he wasn't always at that level. He's becoming more powerful. How do we know that won't become a problem for him.

Also, the guys in white won't give up. Why would they? Just because he's half human? Wouldn't that be even more of an incentive to contain him? Are there more of him? Could they use him? Could they make more half ghosts like him?

I'm not even going to start talking about what could be done with the Ghost Zone politics. That would probably take up a whole message block.


Date: 08/17/14 1:06 AM
From: GollaG

You're kidding, right?
There is far more to the story. His fame and fortune won't last forever, the public eye is flimsy at best, and it'd only take another incident like Public Enemies to put him back at public ghost enemy number one. Except this time, it'd be worse BECAUSE everyone knows his secret.
Same idea goes for peace. Have you ever heard the saying, "Peace is just a break between Wars"? There's a truth to that, no peace will last forever.

Both Danny and Sam are hard headed, which will only lead to arguments and challenges that neither of them have ever experienced before, straining and testing their relationship.

And no one knows if Vlad is deceased. He could very well be alive and thriving. One of my favorite concepts is that he comes to Danny for help after the incident, beaten and broken, and in desperate need of forgiveness.

I'll continue this in another post.