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What ifs CLICK IT NOW!

Date: 03/21/14 3:24 PM
From: db7

1. What if Azula was stuck in your house with you?
2. Sokka was hosting a comedy show?
3. Aang drank 9,000 sodas and sped around your yard on an airball for 3 weeks?
4. What if Zuko came to your school?
5. what if Katara went to a pool while she was drinking 12 cups of coffee?
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Date: 09/20/14 12:56 PM
From: kelsey271

1. Run and get the handcuffs I got in the Wisconsin dells, put them on her, and put her in an earth thing Toph did in the day of black sun.
2. I would go see it, I love Sokka's jokes. I might bring a tomato for the haters of his jokes.
3. I would run around trying to tackle him so he could stop or, just ignore it but watch and try to hop on the air ball for a free ride, I love Adventure and fast flying stuff.
4. I would sit by him and get to know him (not that I don't), and slowly turn friends, then take a step forward into more that friends.
5. I think I would water bend a water bubble and pull her under for 5 seconds so she can breath, but so she gets to snap out of the coffee trance.

Date: 09/11/14 8:48 PM
From: Bloomer395

1. Take her bending away and push her off a cliff
2. Get him a role in a movie ( best thing i could do)*
3. Join him ( after drinking 30 sodas )
4. Bind his hands together
5. Yell.

Fauna, Daughter of Flora and Helia
Fairy of Lightning


Date: 08/19/14 10:52 AM
From: mskitty420

1. Really......

2. UGGGH Sooookkkkaaa stick with Suki ;-z

3.I would grab 9,000 sodas too and speed around with him

4. Oh Zuko you look



Date: 08/09/14 9:32 PM
From: avatarcode

1 Casualy Talk to her and when she's not looking jolt through the window and run around in circles like a maniac.
2 I would hire a cricket to make that chirping noise and get that hook that takes you off stage.
3 For the first week I would become his Girl friend second week do that cute couple sleep for the third week we'd be dating.
4 Get the Pitch forks and torches gentlemen this means WAR!!!!!!
5 Almost faint and announce my allargies to water and act sadly leaving the pool.

Date: 08/07/14 4:06 PM
From: ravi100

1. I would lock her up in water ropes
2. watch it every day and make it my life goal to get on
3. for the fist week I would stand in the middle to catch a HUGE breeze ( I live in Florida and its BURNING HOT in Florida) for the second week I would jump on and catch a ride and for the third week I would do both!
4. I am homeschooled HIGH FIVE TO OTHER HOME SCHOOLERS !!!!!!!!!!!! so I guess I would just hang out.
5. call her out and stay away from her(who knows what she could do!)...or get her out of the pool and make her drink it out of the pool and make her use the bathroom

Date: 08/02/14 1:10 AM
From: EpicFangrl

1. put her in a straight jacket.
2. watch it all the time
3. make sure there was always a vacant bathroom for him
4. then I guess he would be spending the day with me, cause I'm homeschooled
5. take her running instead (who knows what she would do in the pool)

Date: 07/29/14 10:17 PM
From: leofan01

1. I would burn her, but wait she's a fire bender... I would throw knives at her until she left.
2. I would bet EVERYTHING that it would the #1 comedy show ever. & I would watch it!
3. (Realizes he's been out there for 3 weeks) Does he ever get tierd or is that an Avatar thing that he doesn't sleep. I would threaten to call 911 on him
4. (Thinks in head) He's going to be awesome here! (Spoken words) COME SIT NEXT TO ME! *Puts hands over mouth*
5. *Leaves* She's going to water bend all that water out, she's going to be hyper

Date: 07/02/14 8:36 PM
From: hopesoars

all same

Date: 07/02/14 6:31 PM
From: avatard1

1. Run around in total panic and most likely call the cops!
2. I would most definatley be there
3. (2 weeks past) Are you done yet?
4. Try not to fangirl scream in class

Date: 07/02/14 1:54 AM
From: lalatotoro

1. Does she have flaming fire flakes?
2. 2 tickets for me and my avatar cousin
3. curse u not-being-able-to-bend-ness
4. O.O XDXDXD <3<3<3<3
5. hehe and she said shes responsible hehehe



Date: 07/01/14 2:39 PM
From: katara1384

Uh oh
I'd ask him not to blowtorch my school.
I'd stay out of the way.

Date: 06/28/14 3:09 PM
From: Kunoichi12

1: I'M GONNA DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2: LOL!!! I would so watch that!!
3: Whoa. All I can say. One word: Whoa.
4: *Fangirl scream*
5: Ummm... I no longer want to go in that pool.

Date: 06/24/14 2:33 PM
From: rawr7073

1) I'd scream like a little girl

2)I'd drag him off the stage before he embarrassed himself...

3)Ignore him..

4)Fangirl, I suppose. Or become his friend and embarrass himself.

5) I'd run.


Date: 06/17/14 1:30 AM
From: wigglefan

1. Hummm, i would seriously run for my life
2. i would laugh at him
3. i would throw a rock at him and tell him to knock it off
4. i would punch him because... idk
5. i would stay away from her.....

Date: 06/16/14 5:37 PM
From: Singer0987

1. id scream at her to get out of my house and throw water spheres at her. (im a water bender)
2. id go to every show and laugh so hard and tell him I love him....... what? who said that?
3. id freak out because the AVATAR IS IN MY YARD! (EXCITED GIRLY SCREAMS!!!!)
4. id make him sit next to me and shove my desk neighbor out of their seat so he could be next to me.
5. we would dominate that pool! run around throwing water spheres at everyone while laughing like maniacs!

Date: 06/16/14 4:07 AM
From: aang1100

1id ask her if she would join me to get back on Zuko

2 oh crud id boo him
3pretend I was katara and kiss him and ask for autgraph
id demolish him revenge1
5 id teller shes lucky cuz shes aangs girl freind


Date: 06/12/14 8:31 PM
From: immawizzrd

3. Take pics an record him.
4. Become his friend. Then try to selfies with him. :P
5. "Well then Katara.... LET'S RUN THING!!!!!!"

Date: 06/10/14 5:35 PM
From: ellevate

1) We'd discuss world domination plans.
2) *Casually makes appearance in the audience for every show*
3) Well I have a small yard so he can have fun.
4) Well I go to an all girl school...
But if he is a teacher, I will throw myself at him and I don't care if I get expelled
5) I'd join her.

~ ELLE ~


Date: 05/15/14 6:16 PM
From: refandwulf

Ref: Will she make my popcorn?
Wulf: Destroy her!!
Ref: That's my/our job!
Wulf: Check out our comedy on the fan fic boards, and comment
Ref: He ain't using my bathroom!
Wulf: Join him
Ref: "Sup"
Wulf: Awesomeness
Ref: Oh look, the pool's turned yellow
Wulf: Lemonade?!

Date: 05/10/14 8:07 PM
From: glovesjb

1.I would make her like me
2.get on stage with him and joke around with him
3.ask him to teach me and spin on one for 1 year
4.I would become his girl friend
5. I would join in on all the fun