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Create your own bender

Date: 07/08/14 1:50 PM
From: salba

Here is mine as an example

Good or bad:Good
Family:Her mom,dad,and brother.
Outfit:A blue dress and brown boots with a white jacket
Mission:To find her parents in the fire nation
Hobbies:Building snowmen,and having snowball fights

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Date: 10/21/14 8:08 PM
From: mystryshk

Good or bad:neither
Family:mechanical falcon
Outfit:Green robe that stops knee top;sand brown obi with shin top long lime green boots;hood to hide crazy hair
Mission:Discover who she is.
Hobbies:Playing pranks on pedestrians

Date: 10/19/14 4:42 PM
From: toph989

Name: Hykari
Age: 17
Bender: Airbender
Good or Bad: Good
Family: Little Sister named Mena
Personality: Fierce, Fearless, Brave, Gentle, Positive
Outfit: The original airbender outfit
Mission: To find other Airbenders, and put an end to the war
Hobbies: Reading, Drawing, Singing, Running, Writing, Crafting

Date: 10/18/14 6:06 PM
From: 123sad9

Age: 112
Good or Bad:Good
Family:None(hes a monk)
Outfit:Airbender robe
Mission:Defeat the fire lord

How did i do guys???

Date: 10/05/14 12:51 PM
From: toph989

Name: Dessa
Age: 15
Bender: Avatar
Good or bad: Good
Family: Unknown
Personality: Curious, Sweet, Gentle, Fierce, Determined, Strong,
Outfit: She wears a green crop top, creamy yellow pants, and green flats
Hair: Dessa has brown, bouncy curly hair that lives in a braid x3
Appearance: Dessa seems uptight, rude, and snotty at first. But she is a total sweetheart. But beware, this avatar can knock you off your feet in seconds. She's a real fighter
Mission: To save the world from destruction, and to return home to Bay Sing Se to be with her boyfriend Falcon
Hobbies: Bending, Singing, Fighting, and Running

Date: 09/29/14 7:24 PM
From: happycat18

Name: Ayana
Good or Bad: Good
Family: None
Personality: upbeat;kind;ruthless;talented
Outfit: Red jacket over black muscle tee Dark grey skirt
Mission: to find her long lost cousins
Hobbies: train play hide and explode train

Date: 09/26/14 6:59 PM
From: freenacho

Name: Steve
Age: 12
Bender: Air
Good or Bad: Good
Family: mom, dad, brother, and sister
Outfit: just like aang's
Mission: The same as aang
Hobbies: playing with his siblings and talking with Kora's friends

Date: 09/13/14 9:43 AM
From: airglider

good or bad:good
family:mom,dad,brother,and sister

Date: 08/26/14 12:00 PM
From: wolfire

bender:lava and fire
good or bad:bad
outfit:red top,black boots,black pants and wristbands
mission:take over every nation and rule the world
hobbies:destroying things with lava

Date: 08/22/14 3:24 AM
From: hypedfairy

here's mine
Bender: Fire (combustion)
Good or bad:both (mostly bad)
Family: p'li grandmother
Personality:Adventurous, daredevil
Outfit:black singlet top, brown leather jacket, black leather pants, brown army boots and black finger-less gloves.
Mission:To explore the world and cause havoc
Hobbies:collecting rewards

Date: 08/20/14 6:57 PM
From: ravi100

name: Name Guy
age: eleventy
bender: bend bender
good or bad: neither
family: mom and dad and sister
personality: athletic, flexible, likes to flip, and you can sit on him
mission: to find his mom and dad who never showed up to his birth. (his mom (and dad) never saw him be born! :D )
hobbies: singing and standing and having people sit on him

Date: 08/20/14 6:11 PM
From: salba

I'm gonna put all of you in my fan fic!!!!!!!

Date: 08/20/14 4:50 PM
From: yupser

Name: Alza
Age: 12
Good or Bad: BAD
Family: My Sister (the Avatar) and My Mom.
Personality: Confident, Quirky, Determend
OutFit: A green and Beige dress with a copper peice on it
And Five-Inch heels.
Hobbies: Hunting down people.
Mission: TO Find my sister and hand her to the firelord SO I CAN BECOME RICH!

Date: 08/19/14 8:42 PM
From: wuds456

Name:Goes by Terrorian
Bender:controls ghosts
Good or Bad:Bad to the inside of the bone.
Family:Akira,wife,Chiko,father,and 14 year old son Kin.
Outfit:Black robes,grey pants,black shirt,and purple boots.
Mission:To take over the world and capture Rena.
Hobbies:,telling stories,showing moves to Kin.

Date: 08/09/14 8:29 PM
From: swagarina

Good or Bad:Good
Outfit:Blue white dress
Mission:To find the people who took my father away
Hobbies:Snow fights,Surfing,Exploring,and Making jokes all the time

Date: 07/29/14 10:10 PM
From: leofan01

Good/Bad:Good/Bad (She helps every1, but is trying to kill Zuko, so I guess that makes her bad?)
Family:Sister, Daughter, and 2 Sons (Parents & Husband died)
Personality:Protective, Forgiving, Motherly, Serious, Bossy-ish
Outfit:Red dress with red boots. (Dress torn at bottom) red gloves without finger tips
Mission:Keep her family safe, & destroy person who killed her parents & husband (Zuko killed them in a fire nation raid)
Hobbies:Training, Playing dress up w/sister(Ash), racing with sons (blaze & inferno), Playing family w/ daughter (Ember)
Note: Her parents her husband Ash her sons & Crisp were in an Earth kingdom village when Zuko burnt it. Her parents & husband were killed, but Crisp escaped with Inferno & Blaze & Ash. She later had Ember. She spotted Zuko and said he was leader so she had to destroy him.

Date: 07/29/14 2:14 PM
From: bloomfun7

good or bad:good
curious happy
red topmand pants with ongre skrit
to get kratka

Date: 07/19/14 11:59 AM
From: atigress

Name: Avani
age : 11 years
bender: water
good or bad: good to good people and bad to bad people
family : her mom queen vinutha [water bender] and dad king shashibushan [water bending master]
personality:adventurous,brave,honest and curious
outfits: a blue dress and a blue pants and brown leather boots
mission- be a real bending master in whole world and be a friend of avatar
hobbies- do water bending , play with friends , help others
special : blood bending
friends: bhoomi[earth bender,metal bender] , vijayanand[air bender,avatar]

Date: 07/18/14 10:25 PM
From: tvgrl

Bender: Dual Water/Fire
Good or bad: Good
Family Mom, Dad, 4 Brothers And 3 Sisters
Personality:Adventerous, Entergitic, Discreet
Outfit: Dark purple tunic with short sleeves and navy blue pants and undershirt with black lace-up boots
Mission:Become a master-bender and find her way in life
Hobbies: Reading, Listening To music, and communatacting with spirits

Date: 07/18/14 8:00 PM
From: poweratsea

Name: Emma
Age: 14
Appearance: Curly medium length beach blonde hair, chocolate brown eyes and olive skin ton. Keeps hair either in ponytail, or braided.
Bender: Avatar(It's just more than one element :D)
Good or bad: Good

Family: From the Fire nation. Mother, Father, 2 sisters(Callie 14, Lyla 9)and 1 brother (Austin 17)
Outfit: Light turquoise tank top, black jacket, dark jeans, silver colored boots. Wears a necklace with the a small fire nation symbol to remember home.(was her mothers when a kid)
Personality: Loyal, Friendly, Witty, Smart, Athletic, Optimistic

Mission: Keep balance in the world. Find her brother who has disappeared.(Searches with friends)
Friends: Piper(Water) Drew(Earth) Liliana(Fire), Jake(Air)
Hobbies: Trains, sings, writes, swims, and likes to lay in the sun.(fire nation)

Date: 07/14/14 4:14 AM
From: beanbun

Name; Paumla
Age; 11
Bender; Air
Good or Bad; It realy depends on her mood mostly good though
Family; Mom Queen Kaylook [Water bender] King Tains [ Air Bender] Brother Avatar Aang [Avatar]
Outfit; Orange top yellow pants yellow sash and brown bag over lapping sash
Mission; to protect the last remainig airbenders [including Aang] as their queen
Hobbies; Hanging out with her brother teasing Katara Flying on her glider or Reading [this girl is busy]
Beanbun >"<