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Date: 08/04/14 12:10 AM
From: rayyrayy

idk about u guys but I totally miss atla like a few days ago I was bored so I rewatched some atla episodes and I realized how much I missed them like lok is an amazing show but its kinda diff from atla
I wish they would make another avatar series after lok
ur thoughts????
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Date: 08/24/14 12:00 AM
From: loudalarge

The real reason they're not making another Avatar series after the LOK series is because there's so little they can move into as to new villains and such, but also because they believe the fan base would eventually diminish. I would nonetheless continue to watch and support Avatar all the way.

The thing that really annoys me however, is how under powered the Avatar state is in the LOK. I do not agree at all with how boring they made S3's final fight, and with even the poison was Rava's spirit so weak. Korra's without a doubt strong, but it's frustrating watching her struggle not to bring the Avatar state to the table earlier. I'd love to see another Avatar series with perhaps the protagonist a little older, a little bit like we got to see with Avatar Wan.

Great topic though, thanks for letting me rant.


Date: 08/17/14 4:33 PM
From: adeyla

I like LOK, but ATLA seems to be on a whole different level. It just seems to have more depth. I do like LOK season 3 better than the other 2, though.

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Date: 08/15/14 4:47 PM
From: annielinna

ATLA was way better than LOK though. If they do make another one (I hope they do) it has to be better than LOK to make up to ATLA!)

Date: 08/15/14 12:48 PM
From: hedgehog20

i want more atla,not korra.