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Date: 11/02/10 7:36 PM
From: 94beaker64

Ok! You all know me from my other story! Forever Together!
But I'm doing another Story now! Its about the Charaters Diaries. First of is Yue. (this is when she is 5)

Dear Diary,

I wonder what I should write in this, Mommy gave it to
me today. She said I should record my life in this and write about my feelings. She also says it will help my remember things, then she said it will help me remeber her. But I don't understand that. If she is right here with me, why do I need to remember her?

I hope you like it!


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Date: 10/30/14 3:38 PM
From: xomadtayxo

Whooaaaa. What happened to the board? I haven't been on in a while because of school and soccer and stuff, but I got on today and there's only 10 topics?! Both of my fanfictions are gone, along with most of the ones I kept up with. Where is everyone? You're one of the only familiar faces left on here Beaky, this is crazy.


Date: 10/25/14 6:29 AM
From: sundeeee

got a new account as avatar-code so Im avatar-code basicly the same. @beaky Oh that makes sence
Sundeeee (

Date: 10/18/14 11:07 PM
From: 94beaker64

What happened to the boards changing?


Date: 09/22/14 10:17 AM
From: 94beaker64

I haven't posted anything because I was waiting for the boards to update like people were saying they would. Um...Is that going to happen anytime soon?


Date: 08/24/14 9:17 PM
From: avatarcode

Uh beaky you kinda forgot someone crucial no offense Aang!
AvatarCode :P

Date: 08/24/14 5:03 PM
From: 94beaker64

Are the boards going to be switched over anytime soon?

Just wondering!


Date: 08/04/14 11:55 PM
From: 94beaker64

Is is just me, or does the boards seem the same? I'm not complaining, I just thought they were going to be different? Has it not changed yet?

NickFrog, or NickDaisy, or whoever is moderating this can you please explain?



NOTE FROM NICKMyst: They haven't changed over yet. Stay tuned for some great surprises!

Date: 07/29/14 11:29 PM
From: 94beaker64

Yes, I'm going to try to repost diaries. I kinda wish that we weren't getting new boards because I love the boards like they are......BUT change is good! I'm sure the new message boards are going to be great!


Date: 07/29/14 2:51 PM
From: 13Nu13

Wow~ intense diary entry, even though it was so short. I loved the "way" it ended especially. "Azula can have that title for herself." Awesome! Mai is such a dark character, full of depth and unexpected sweetness at times. Good job!

-By The Way

Farewell! Like a bee
reluctant to leave the deeps
of a peony.
Farewell! Like A Bee, by Basho.

Date: 07/29/14 10:36 AM
From: toph989

Oh Beaky, some chapters really make me cry (: You have such an amazing talent for writing, you make everything so emotional. I LOVE it so much! Please repost this all on the new boards! ((((((:


Date: 07/28/14 5:43 PM
From: adeyla

Plz, plz, plz tell me you're going to repost this on the New Nick!

Author of THE LIE ABOUT LIFE (Coming Soon!!)

Date: 07/28/14 10:14 AM
From: 94beaker64

Dear Diary,

There are some things that you just can't change. I can't change the fact that I love him. Even though I hate that I do.

I should hate him. He's left me. But still, I love him. It's funny the way things work out. I finally have a reason to be happy.

Someone who makes me happy. And that's the person who breaks my heart. The irony. But even through all that, I still love him.

And I will always love him.

Perhaps I should talk to someone about this. This cannot be healthy. Loving someone who has hurt you.

I suspose I should just keep this to myself. I wouldn't want people to think I'm crazy.

Azula can have that title for herself.



Date: 07/15/14 3:12 PM
From: adeyla

Still loving it!! Can't wait for more!


Date: 07/14/14 9:39 PM
From: 94beaker64

I'm sorry for lack of posting. I'll try to post more.

As I always say........I'll try to give it one last shot at posting regularly. But if I can't this time....Well....I don't know....


I'll try.

Date: 07/02/14 10:42 AM
From: LucieWhale

When is the new Diary coming out?

Lucie.......The Whale!!!

Date: 06/27/14 4:36 AM
From: happyh2005


Date: 06/27/14 4:33 AM
From: happyh2005

because she is your mom

Date: 06/25/14 9:55 PM
From: LucieWhale

I just found this and...This is AWESOME!!!*fangirls*

Lucie.......The Whale!!!

Date: 06/12/14 7:18 PM
From: 94beaker64

Sure, I love doing Azula diaries.

I'll try to have one up soon. (It may not be the next diary, but I'll try to have it up with the next few I post.)


Smellershot <3

Date: 05/20/14 4:31 PM
From: BAmeliaVee

More diaries please! Do another Azula one! Reading her diary will get back at Azula for terrorizing Aang and the gaang and the other nations!